In addition to the preparation of Monthly Civil Accounts and Annual Accounts we also do the following accounting functions-

Maintenance of Deposit Accounts :- Monthwise/ Treasurywise receipts and payment transactions of deposit accounts alongwith opening balances and closing balances in respect of 14 treasuries is maintained in this office.

Settlement of Inter-Government transactions :- Receipt/payment transactions of Government of Maharashtra taking place in other government accounts (viz. Central Government, other States, Railways, Defence, Post & Telecommunications etc.) as well as other governments receipt/payment transactions taking place in Maharashtra are settled by this office.

Preparation of Accounts at a Glance (Annual) :- This document provides a broad overview of Governmental activities, as reflected in the Finance Accounts and the Appropriation Accounts. The information is presented through brief explanations, statements and graphs.

Treasury Inspection :- Every year, all 15 Treasuries including Sub-Treasuries under accounting circle of this office, Pay & Accounts Office, Mumbai and Directorate of Accounts and Treasuries are inspected to ensure that the treasuries are functioning as per the prescribed procedures and report titled “Annual Review of Working of Treasuries’ is issued to the State Government indicating major irregularities like overpayment of pension, mis-utilisation of Personal Deposit Accounts, etc noticed during the treasury inspection .

Our officers visit :- various training institutions of State Government and special training programmes arranged by the Administrative Departments of State Government for delivering lectures on accounting matters.

Besides the above, we also:

  • Advise the state government on opening of new Heads of Accounts
  • Advise the state government on accounting matters like laying down accounting procedures, classification of accounting transactions, etc
  • Issue authorization to open new DDOs of the State Government
  • Conduct reconciliation of Reserve Bank Deposits.