For Subscribers

1. If nomination for GPF has Not been filed, it should be immediately submitted to DDO.

2. After Receipt of Annual GPF slip He/She should verify the Opening Balance, Rate of Subscription, Rate of Refund, Debits drawn during the year, interest calculated & closing balance. In case of any discrepancy, He/She should intimate the same to this office.

3. In case of any Missing credits in his/her GPF A/c He/She should approach the DDO to send the details of Missing credits to this office so that it can be verified and adjusted. In case no subscription has been made during those months it may be intimated to this office accordingly.

4. If any advance was drawn during the year and its corresponding debit did not appear in the GPF slip it should be immediately intimated to this office so as to avoid the problems after retirement & while authorization of final payment of GPF balance.

5. Subscribers may intimate their mobile numbers to this office by post/mail/sms.


For DDOs

1. It should be ascertained that nomination of each subscriber has been invariably obtained & properly kept on record. If it is not done it should be done now.

2. GPF schedules should be prepared Account number wise in chronological order. Minimum subscription should not be less than 6 % & not more than the emoluments.

3. A clear note should be made against the name of the subscribers in the GPF schedule who are transferred. If no subscription is deducted due to any reason it should be clearly mentioned in the GPF schedule.

4. No. of refund installment against advances, should be invariably shown against the refund in the following format 1/36, 2/36 …

5. GPF slips should be distributed among the subscribers immediately after its receipt from this office.

6. It should be ascertained that all advances drawn by the subscriber during the year have appeared in the GPF slips. If not the same may be intimated to this office immediately along with full details.

7. No subscription should be deducted during the last 3 months prior to retirement of subscribers.

8. DDOs should send details of Missing credits, if any, to this office so that it can be verified and adjusted.

9. GPF final payment application in case of superannuation may be sent at least 3 months before the date of retirement.

10. GPF final payment application should be sent in prescribed forms. A copy of death certificate and nomination should be attached in death cases.

11. Application for final payment of GPF should be properly scrutinized & all advances (Temporary & NRA) drawn during last

12 months may be invariably shown in the application for final payment. 12. It should be ensured that no Advances are sanctioned/paid after the application of GPF final payment is sent to this office.

13. Clarification called for by A.G. office while returning GPF final payment applications/making part payments against GPF final payment applications may be replied promptly.