About Welfare Function:-

Welfare section headed by the Welfare Officer is responsible for the over-all well being of the office. It aims to improve the working conditions of staff, increase the overall working efficiency of the office, boost the morale of employees, and bring in a professionally cordial atmosphere. The Welfare Officer strives to establish a feeling of confidence amongst staff, serves the cause of employees, and invests to promote internal and external goodwill. This section looks into comprehensive welfare through diversified activities and plays a vital role in increasing work-life balance, good health, and fitness, liaising, hospitality, and social harmony.

Staff Welfare:-

Staff Grievances- Giving personal hearing to individual staff regarding their difficulties.

Medical Assistance- Assistance to staff taken ill, providing first aid, and attending to all work related to CGHS. Arrangements are made for annual health check-ups of IA&AS officers. 

Assistance to the family of employees- Helping in the admission of children of staff in schools & colleges. Attending to difficulties faced by survivors of the members of deceased employees in settlement of claims and to render help and prepare verification report by personally visiting the family of deceased staff for compassionate appointments. Facilitating scholarship to eligible wards of staff for higher education.

Canteen- Ensuring a clean and hygienic functioning cafeteria serving nutritious food to staff.

Office Amenities- Ensuring proper facilities and amenities like sanitization facilities, safe drinking water, overall hygiene, ladies' room, etc are made available for the staff.

Retirement & Condolence meet- Retirement function for retirees is organized as and when the occasion arises and arrangements are also made for timely payment for dues of retirees. Condolence meet is also arranged for deceased staff. 

Sports & Recreation Activities:-

Sports- Organising sports activities like cricket, carom, badminton, table tennis, chess. Encouragement of players for participation in sports. Indoor facilities for carom, table tennis and chess are also provided. This office was selected for the west zone cricket tournament for 8 AG (A&E) offices under the west zone region and the tournament was from 18/02/2020 to 20/02/2020. 

Cultural Activities- Organising annual day, fun n fair, holding exhibition to promote the ministry of tribal, etc. Holding the " Shravan Dhara" program to encourage the officials to have singing talent and also has programs to promote dramatics , art, literary and other activities among staff. The annual Picnic is also organized the staff and their children for.antakshari, traditional day, kavi samellan.

Yoga and Gym- Yoga day is celebrated with staff members and also a separate Gymnasium and Yoga room has been arranged for staff welfare.


Co-ordination with CPWD- Resolving any civil or electric issue or problem faced by the office by coordinating with CPWD authorities.

Modernizing of entire office with modular furniture,  modern washrooms and state of the art infrastructure in co-ordination with CPWD and intimating  Headquarters for necessary sanction of funds on the basis of the preliminary estimate provided by CPWD.Modernization of office.