What is the procedure for adjustment of missing credits/ debits?
Missing credits arise due to misclassification in the treasuries or incorrect details in GPF schedules. At times, schedules/vouchers are not received from the Treasuries for various reasons and as a result some of the subscriptions/refunds/arrears/withdrawals do not get posted in the account. These missing credits/debits can be located and included in the subscriber’s account after proper verification of the accounts rendered to AG by the Drawing and Disbursing Officers/Treasuries subject to furnishing the following details duly certified by the Drawing and Disbursing Officers and the Treasury Officers.
1. Name of the Subscriber
2. GPF Account number
3. Name of the DDO under whom the official had served
4. Amount of subscription/refund/withdrawal
5. Salary month for which details are being furnished
6. Head of Account (up to Detailed Head) under which salary was drawn
7. Treasury/Sub Treasury where the salary was drawn
8. Treasury voucher number / challan number
9. Totals of the schedule amount enclosed in the particular voucher as noted on the abstract in case of credit
10. Date of payment of the voucher/remittance of the amount in the case of challan remittance
11. Total amount of the GPF payment vouchers in respect of debits
How to Apply for Closure?
The application in prescribed format duly filled in and signed by the subscriber/claimant(s) is to be given to the department for forwarding the same to the Accountant General along with requisite documents by the Head of Office/ Head of the department.
What is the procedure for gpf final withdrawal (closure)?
1. Final withdrawal of accumulation is permitted when subscriber quits the service (on retirement, dismissal, resignation, compulsory retirement, removal etc.)
2. In case of death of subscriber while in service.
What is the procedure of conversion of an advance to part final withdrawal?
A subscriber may, at his discretion by written request, convert the balance outstanding under a temporary advance into a part-final withdrawal after satisfying conditions laid down in Rules 15-A to 15-I.
Is the Annual GPF Statement available on the website?
Yes, the Annual GPF Statement along with the status/ detail is available on the website.