Who is eligible to receive Family Pension?
Widow/Widower/post retiral spouse/Sons/daughters/widowed daughters including adopted children till they attain the age of 25 years or up to the date of their marriage/remarriage or till they start earning a sum of Rs. 3350/- pm, whichever is earlier. Unmarried/widowed/divorced daughters after who were dependant on when the Government servant was alive, provided the deceased employee had left behind neither widow/widower nor a child and the do not earn a income of 3350/- pm.
Family Pension involving two wives :
Where a Government Servant leaves behind more than one widow, the widows will be entitled to a Family Pension of 50% each, only if the second marriage had taken place before the introduction of Hindu Marriage Act 1955 or the second marriage is with the approval of Govt. Family Pension is not admissible to the second wife as her marriage per se is contrary to service rules and has neither legal sanction nor Government approval.
Family Pension to physically/mentally disabled children :
Applicable to such children of a Government servant who retired /died. If the son or daughter of a Government servant is suffering from any disorder or disability of mind or is physically crippled or disabled so as to render him or her unable to earn a living even after attaining the age of 25 years, Family Pension shall be payable to such son or daughter for life.
Medical certificate in respect of the handicapped/disabled children should be obtained from a Civil Surgeon whose discipline is the same as that of illness.
What is the reason for withholding a part of pensionary benefits?
Generally, erroneous pay fixation done by the Department results in over payment of Pay and Allowances during his / her service. To recover the overpayment, a portion of pensionary benefits is withheld. This is also explained in the Admissibility Report (Pension Verification Report) sent to the Department.
What are the reasons for the difference in the pensionary benefits calculated by the Department and that admitted by A.G.?
The difference may be due to an error in arriving at the qualifying service and some erroneous pay fixation done by the Department. The position is explained in the admissibility report sent to the Department and the Pensioner.
What is the procedure for drawing Pensionary benefits?
The Pensioner has to present himself with his copy of authorisation/intimation letter for Pension, Gratuity and CVP to the PPO/Treasury to whom A.G's Office has authorised the Pension/ Gratuity /CVP.
When will a retired Government Servant get his/her Pensionary benefits?
Pensionary benefits are authorized within two months from the date of receipt of Pension proposals from the department/ Pension Sanctioning Authority in complete shape in A.G's Office.