Sl No Title Date of Order/Circular Order/Circular
01 Absence during Covid 2019 23.07.2020 View pdf
02 Additional directions for improving the quality of Audit Inspection Report 25.01.2021 View pdf
03 Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week 2021 01.10.2021 View pdf
04 Reports section revised order 21.12.2021 View pdf
05 SAS/RA/CPD-I,II&III Examination II 2021 Registartion regarding 30.12.2021 View pdf
06 Joining order of Sh. Ritik Kumar, MTS 11.01.2022 View pdf
07 Joining order of Sh. Ganesh Kanaujia,MTS 10.01.2022 View pdf
08 Joining order of Ms Barma meena, Clerk 06.01.2022 View pdf
09 Joining order of Sh Sanjay Kumar, Auditor  06.01.2022 View pdf
10 Office Order Dated 14.01.2022 14.01.2022 View pdf
11 Joining order of Mohd Areeb, Clerk 14.02.2022 View pdf
12 In House SLM Exam on 25.03.2022 24.03.2022 View pdf
13 joining order of Shri Brijraj, Sr. Ar and Shri Y.K Singh Sr, Ar 11.04.2022 View pdf
14 Joining order of Shri Harikesh Tiwari, Sr. Ar, Shri Vimlesh Sonkar, AR, Shri Rajendra Kr Sonkar, Ar and ShriSahil Rakaj, Ar  12.04.2022

View pdf

15 Joining order of Sh. Krishnakant Chaudhary, AAO 22.04.2022 View pdf
16 Office order relating to TA Bills dated 22.04.2022 22.04.2022 View pdf
17 Result of In house SLM Exam held on 25.03.2022 29.04.2022 View pdf
18 Office order regarding Prepatory leave dated 04.05.2022 04.05.2022 View pdf
19 Joining order of Sh. Deepak Yadav, Sr. Auditor 05.05.2022 View pdf
20 Office order regarding Exam Duty 12.05.2022 View pdf
21 Revised Office Order regarding Exam Duty-I 18.05.2022 View pdf
22 Revised Office Order regarding Exam Duty-II 18.05.2022 View pdf
23 Re-examination of PC4 & IE-4 Papers of Examination-1 2022 27.05.2022 View pdf
24 Joining order of Shri Lal Chandra, Sr. Ar and Shri Ramshran Yadav, Sr. Ar. 06.06.2022 View pdf
25 Transfer and posting Office order for gazatted staff 02.06.2022 View pdf
26 Result of Inhouse exam of SLM 14.07.2022 View pdf
27 Office Order regarding digital payment above Rs. 5000/- 21.06.2022 View pdf
28 SAS, CPD-I,CPE-II,CPD-III and RAE Exam Result 28.07.2022 View pdf
29 Shuddhi Patra regarding order dated 02.06.2022 08.06.2022 View pdf
30 Office order dated 17.08.2022 17.08.2022 View pdf
31  Office order reg Training on OIOS on 24.08.2022 22.08.2022 View pdf
32 Office order dated 08.09.2022 08.09.2002 View pdf
33 Joining order of Shri Sanjay Kumar, AAO(3232180) 12.09.2022

View pdf

34 Posting order of Shri Sanjay Kumar, AAO(3232180) 12.09.2022 View pdf
35 Office order regarding Contract Register 09.09.2022 View pdf
36 Relieving order of Shri Aniket Gagan, AAO(3232244) 28.09.2022 View pdf
37 Joining office order Shri Sandarbh Dwivedi, Sr. Adr and Shri Harshit Prakash, DEO 06.10.2022 View pdf
38 Office order dated 14.10.2022 14.10.2022 View pdf
39 Office order dated 14.10.2022 14.10.2022 View pdf
40 Joining Order of SAO/AAO(C) dated 17.10.2022 17.102022 View pdf
41 Office order regarding Vigilance Awareness  27.10.2022 View pdf
42 Joining order of Sh. Deepak Kumar Singh, Sr. Ar. 28.10.2022

View pdf

43 Joining order of sh. Sandeep Singh, AAO (C) 01/11/2022 View pdf
44 Joining order of Sh. Utkarsh Singh, AAO (c) 15.11.2022 View pdf
45  Office oreder dated 24.11.2022 24.11.2022 View pdf
46 Office order dated 29.11.2022 29.11.2022 View pdf
47 Promotion of Sh. Pushpendra Kumar, AAO (3232213) 25.11.2022 View pdf
48 Transfer posting order of Gazetted Staff 03.12.2022 View pdf
49 Office Order dated 09.12.2022 of Shri Deepak Yadav, Sr Auditor 09.12.2022 View pdf
50 Office Order (Stand Releived) dated 13.012.2022 of Sh Deepak Yadav, Sr Adr 13.12.2022 View pdf
51 Office order for Joining this office dated 14.12.20222 14.12.2022 View pdf
52 Office order 14.12.2022 14.12.2022 View pdf
53 office order of Ms. Asha Gaur, Senior Auditor 14.12.2022 View pdf
54 Office order of shri Diwakar Pandit, Sr. Auditor dated 19/12/2022 19.12.2022 View pdf
55 Office Order of sh. Kumar Vikram, Sr. Auditor dated 16.12.2022 16.12.2022 View pdf
56 Office Order dated 19.12.2022 19.12.2022 view pdf
57 Offcie Order of Sh. Anurag Sonkar, AAO (Civil) 19.12.2022 View pdf
58 Office order regarding settlement/closure of the paras of AIR 23.12.2022 View pdf
59 Officer order regarding transfer posting of AAO and AAO (Adhoc) 23.12.2022 View pdf
60 Joining order of Ms. Preeti Srivastava AAO Dated 30.12.2022 30.12.2022 View pdf
61 Joining order of Sh. Mohd. Ahmad Siddiqui AAO Dated 29.12.2022 29.12.2022 View pdf
62 Joining order of Sh.Abhijeet Sen Gupta AAO Dated 30.12.2022 30.12.2022 View pdf
63 Joining order of Ms. Preeti Srivastava,AAO 04.01.2023 View pdf
64 Office order dated 09/01/2023 09.01.2023 View pdf
65 Joining order of Officers/Officials  17.01.2023 View pdf
66 Joining order of Sh. Shashank Gaurav, Jr. Translator 17.01.2023 View pdf
67 Office order regarding Rajbhasha 02.02.2023 View pdf
68 Office order regarding Incentive examination 2023 21.04.2023 View pdf
68 Office orders issued between 01.04.2023 to 04.05.2023 10.05.2023 View pdf
69 Relieving Office order of Sh Abhishek Singh, Sr. Ar. and Sh Jitendra Kumar, Sr. Ar. 09.05.2023 View pdf
70 Regarding NFU of Sh Himanshu Mishra, AAO as on 15.09.2022 17.05.2023 View pdf
71 Relieving of Shri Ravi Kumar, Auditor (UPLKB 3232236) 18.05.2023 View pdf
72 Joining order of Sh Shailesh Kumar Agrawal, Sr. DAG 03.05.2023 View pdf
73 Joining of order of Shri Ravi Kathuria, DAG 08.05.2023 View pdf
74 Joining of order of Shri Sandeep Tiwari, Auditor and Shri Rajiv Kumar Mishra, Auditor 24.05.2023 View pdf
75 Relieving of Shri Vipin Kumar, Auditor (UPLKB 3232116) 25.05.2023 View pdf
76 Regarding joining office order of Shri Anupam Singh Rathour, on deputation basis to the post of Welfare Assistant (Pay Level-8) 05.06.2023 View pdf
77 Office order of Evaluation Test for eligible AAO before promotion to the post of SAO 06.06.2023 View pdf
78 Relieving of Shri Manjesh Kumar Mishra, Sr. Auditor (D/428) 06.06.2023 View pdf
79 Joining Order of Shri Rahul Dixit, Sr. Auditor  09.06.2023 View pdf
80 Office Order regarding relieving of officials to O/o PAG (Audit-I), UP, Prayagraj 12.06.2023 View pdf
81 Office Order regarding Joining of Officers  15.06.2023 View pdf
82 Office Order regarding Relieving of Shri Mohammad Ahmed Siddiqui 15.06.2023 View pdf
83 Office Order regarding Posting of Officers  15.06.2023 View pdf
84 Office order regarding relieving of Officers/officials 14.06.2023 View pdf
85 Office order regarding Posting of Shri Anupam Singh Rathore, Sr. Auditor 19.06.2023 View pdf
86 Office order regarding Internal Complaints Committee relating to Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place. 11.05.2023 View pdf
87 Office order regarding arrangements shall be effective in case of the absence of any of the Sr. Audit Officer, Admin/GD/IT Cell/P.C 22.06.2023 View pdf
88 Office order regarding Transfer Posting of Gazetted officers 28.06.2023 View pdf
89 Joining order of Shri Mata Prasad Yadav, Assitant Audit Offier (3232469) 03.07.2023 View pdf
90 Office order regarding Evaluation Test for Senior Auditor before promotion to the post of Assistant Supervisor 04.07.2023 View pdf
91 Office order regarding For Intra-office transfer/posting of Group ‘A’ (Non-IA&AS) and Group “B’ (Gazetted) officers including AAO-Adhoc and supervisors 20.06.2023 View pdf
92 Office order regarding temporarily posting of Officers/Officials 07.07.2023 View pdf
93 Joining order of Shri Saurabh Pratap Singh, Assitant Audit Offier (Ad-hoc) (3232331) 07.07.2023 View pdf
94 Office order of Shri Ankur Chaudhary (3232215) on being promoted to the post of Assistant Audit Officer 07.07.2023 View pdf
95 Office order of e-office Helpdesk 06.07.2023 View pdf
96 Relieving of Ms. Deeksha Yadav, Sr. Auditor (3232293) 11.07.2023 View pdf
97 Joining order of Shri Sarvottam Srivastava, Sr.Audit Offier (3230414) 17.07.2023 View pdf
98 Office order regarding NFU of Shri Srawan Kumar Saroj, Supervisor 25.07.2023 View pdf
99 Office order regarding Transfer Posting of Gazetted officers 26.07.2023 View pdf
100 Office order regarding benefit of Non Functional Upgradation 27.07.2023 View pdf
101 Office order regarding benefit of NFU of Sh Deepak Verma (1996) and Vivek Singh Sisodia (2096) 27.07.2023 View pdf
102 Office order regarding SAS and CPD-II 2023 result 11.08.2023 View pdf
103 Office order regarding MCTP Level-3 training programme 17.08.2023 View pdf
104 Joining order of Shri Dharmendra Kumar Mishra, Sr. Audit Officer (3231702) 08.08.2023 View pdf
105 Office order regarding NFU of Shri Pankaj Kumar Singh,AAO (D/423) 08.08.2023 View pdf
106 Office order regarding Financial Upgrdation under Modified Assured Career Progression Sceme form the date mentioned against their names 09.08.2023 View pdf
107 Office order regarding nominated members in the Audit Planning Group


View pdf
108 ऑडिट प्लानिंग ग्रुप की बैठक का कार्यवृत 19.09.2023 View pdf


















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