Proactive Disclosures under Right To Information Act, 2005

1. Particulars of Organization, Functions and Duties:Section 4(1) (b) (i)

The office of Principal Accountant General (Audit II), Uttar Pradesh is stationed in Lucknow at Audit Bhawan, TC-35, V-1, Vibhuti Khand, Gomtinagar, Lucknow.  It has a branch office at Satyanishtha Bhawan, 15-A Dayanand Marg, Prayagraj- 211 001.

Principal Accountant General (Audit II), Uttar Pradesh is entrusted with the audit of the clusters related to Finance, Energy and Power, IT & Communications, Industry and Commerce, Culture and Tourism, Environment, Science and Technology and Public Works. It is tasked to prepare report on State Public Sector Undertakings of the Government of Uttar Pradesh and on State Revenues. It also assists the Committee on Public undertakings in their discussion on these Audit Reports.As a subordinate office of CAG, the duties of the office of the Principal Accountant General is governed by the CAG's Duties, Powers and condition of Service) Act, 1971 and rules thereunder and by the directions of the CAG.

2. The Powers and Duties of the Officers and Employees: Section 4 (1) (b) (ii)

In relation to Audit, the power is governed under section 18 (1) read with section 21 of the CAG's Duties, Powers and condition of Service) Act, 1971 which is as follows:

i). to inspect any office of accounts under the control of the union or of a State, including treasuries, and such offices responsible for the keeping of initial or subsidiary accounts, as submit accounts to him;

ii). to require that, any accounts, books, papers and other documents which deal with or form the basis of or are otherwise relevant to the transactions to which his duties in respect of audit extend, shall be sent to such place as he may appoint for his inspection;

iii). to put such questions or make such observations as he may consider necessary, to the person in charge of the office and to call for such information as he may require for the preparation of any account or report which it is his duty to prepare.

As a subordinate office of CAG, the Powers and duties of the officers and employees flows from the CAG's Duties, Powers and condition of Service) Act, 1971, its subordinate legislations and directions of the CAG.

3. The procedure followed in decision making process: Section 4 (1) (b) (iii)

The procedure followed in its decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability are as follows:


Clerk/Auditors / Senior Auditors

(Initial scrutiny and submission)

Supervisors / Assistant Audit Officers

(1st level supervisory)

Senior Audit Officers

(2nd level supervisory)

Deputy Accountant General / Senior Deputy Accountant General

(Group Officers)

 Accountant General (Audit II)

(Head of the Department)

For further details, please refer to Manual of Standing orders.

4. The Norms set by it for discharge of its function : Section 4(1) (b) (iv)

Auditing Standards of SAI India

The Auditing Standards of the Indian Audit and Accounts Department were first issued in 1994. Subsequently, the Auditing Standards were revised taking into account the Auditing Standards issued by INTOSAI in 2001. The revised Auditing Standards which are now being followed by the Department were issued in March 2002.

The same is available at the website.

5. The Rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records held, under control or used by employees for discharging their functions: Section 4(1) (b) (v)

Rules and regulations : Regulations on Audit and Accounts, 2020


  1. Performance Audit Guidelines, 2014
  2. Standing order on Role of Audit in relation to cases of fraud and corruption
  3. Financial Attest Audit Guidelines
  4. Compliance Auditing Guidelines
  5. Guidelines on CCO based audit
  6. Standing order or Auditing in an IT Environment
  7. Guidelines for Administration and usage of e-mail Accounts in IA &AD
  8. Guidelines on Data Analytics
  9. Environment and climate change Auditing Guidelines 2010
  10. Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

The Guidelines are available at the website.


  • MSO (Audit)
  • MSO (Admn.)Vol.I
  • MSO (Admn.)Vol.II
  • MSO(Admn.)Vol.III
  • Introduction to Indian Government Accounts and Audit
  • Manual of Commercial Audit
  • Manual on IT Audit
  • Internal Controls Evaluation Manual
  • Office Procedure Manual
  • Financial Attest Audit Manual 
  • Revenue Audit Manual

6. Documents held or under control: Section 4(1) (b) (vi)

Documents held by the department relating to documents received from auditee entities, obtained during the course of audit.

7. Consultative Arrangements: Section 4 (1) (b) (vii)

Not Applicable

8. Boards, Council and Other Committees: Section 4 (1) (b) (viii)

9. Directory of Officers and Employees: Section 4 (1) (b) (ix)

Head Office at LUCKNOW


Office of the Accountant General (Audit II),UP

Audit Bhawan, TC-35-V-1, Vibhuti Khand,

Gomti Nagar, Lucknow-226010

E-mail id: agauuttarpradesh2[at]cag[dot]gov[dot]in

Fax No. 0522-2722106

Branch Office at PRAYAGRAJ



Office of the Accountant General (AUDIT II),UP

Satyanishtha Bhawan, 15-A Dayanand Marg

Allahabad- 211 001

E-mail id:-brauC&RAllahabad[at]cag[dot]gov[dot]in

Fax No. 0532-2624502

PBAX No.- 2420441-448

The contacts of officers is as follows:

Sl. No.


Contact Number

 E-Mail Id


Accountant General (Audit II), UP




Sr. Dy. Accountant General (AMG-II, III & Admn.)




Sr. Dy. Accountant General (AMG IV )



    4.  Dy. Accountant General                     (AMG I)                   0532-2422371         kathuriar[dot]del[dot]cca[at]cag[dot]gov[dot]in 


10. Monthly remuneration / Pay Scales : Section 4 (1)(b) (x)

Pay scales are as follows:

 Sl. No.

Description/Name of Post




Accountant General  (Audit II), UP




Senior Deputy Accountant General






Deputy Accountant General




Senior Audit Officer




Assistant Audit Officer




Supervisor / Welfare Assistant




Senior Auditor / Senior Console Operator




Auditor / Console Operator




Data Entry Operator




Lower Divisional Clerk




Multi Task Staff (Non Technical)



11. Budget : Section 4 (1)(b) (xi)

       Available at website

12. Subsidy: Section 4 (1)(b) (xii)

Not Applicable

13. Concessions, Permits and Authorisations: Section 4 (1)(b) (xiii)

Not Applicable

14. Electronic Information: Section 4 (1)(b) (xiv)

The Audit reports are available in electronic form. The same is also available at the official website of the CAG of India (

15. Facilities : Section 4 (1)(b) (xv)

Not Applicable

16. Right to Information Act: Section 4 (1)(b) (xvi)

Name, designation and other particulars of Public information Officer are as follows:

Name of Central Public Information Officer for RTI applications


Shri Jay Prakash
Sr. Dy. Accountant General (Administration)
Office of the Accountant General (Audit II), UP, Lucknow

Audit Bhawan, TC-35-V-1, Vibhuti Khand,

Gomti Nagar, Lucknow-226010

Contact Number: 0522-2970540
E-mail id: jprakash[at]cag[dot]gov[dot]in

Name of Appellate Authority for Appeal cases

Ms. Tanya Singh

Accountant General (Audit II), UP

Office of the Principal Accountant General

(Audit II),UP, Lucknow


Audit Bhawan, TC-35-V-1, Vibhuti Khand,

Gomti Nagar, Lucknow-226010

 E-mail id: singht[at]cag[dot]gov[dot]in

Contact Number: 0522-2722112
Fax No. 0522-2722106


 Mode of Payment of Fee for RTI application:  The requisite fee should be paid in the form of demand draft, bankers check, postal order or cash receipt in favour of "Pay and Accounts Officer, O/O The Accountant General (A&E)-I, Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad" or should be paid in cash at the Lucknow office.

17. Other Disclosures: Section 4 (1)(b) (xvii)

Complaint Committee under Sexual Harassment of Women at workplace (prevention, prohibition and redressal) Act, 2013 and CCS (conduct) Rules, 1964

There is a complaint committee for redressal of complaints of sexual harassment of working women at work place. The Committee will attend to cases relating to the audit offices located at Lucknow and Branch Office at Allahabad. The present composition of the committee is as follows:

Presiding Officer:     Ms. Vibha Singh, Dy. Accountant General
                                   Mobile    : 9473537691
                                   Email ID : vibhas[at]cag[dot]gov[dot]in


1. Sri   Raj Kumar Rai, Sr. Audit Officer, Mob:- 9721168781

2. Ms.  Preeti Srivastava, AAO, Mob:-9454699756

3.  Ms.  Poonam Singh, Assistant Supervisor, Mob:-9450650868

4. Ms. Parsa Naqvi,Sr. Auditor, Mob:- 9140085133


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