1. Environment, Forest & Climate Change 
  1. UP Forest Department    (State Government Office)           (Available Units -122)
    • Adoption of animals; Herb &Tendu leaves collection, storage and marketing; to operate Departmental/ Horticulture/ Private Nurseries.
  1. UP Forest Corporation (PSU)                                                 (Available Units -33)
    • The functions of the Corporation shall be to undertake removal and disposal of trees and exploitation of forest resources entrusted to it by the State Government; to prepare projects relating to forestry within the State;to undertake research programmes relating to forest and forest products and render technical advice to State Government on matters relating to forestry.
  1. UP Pollution Control Board (AB)                                           (Available Units -01)
    1. Principal functions of the Board, as spelt out in the Water Act, 1974 and Air Act, 1981 is the prevention , control and abatement of water and air pollution. The main effort of the board is to assist the industries and entrepreneurs to discharge their daily basic obligations to safe guard environment.

       2.  Science &Technology:-

  1. Council of Science &Technology (AB)                                  (Available Units -02)
    1. The Department of Science and Technology (DST) was established to promote new areas of science and technology and to play the role of a nodal department for organising, coordinating and promoting Scientific and Technological activities in the country. It gives funds to various approved scientific projects in India. It also supports various researchers in India to attend conferences abroad and to go for experimental works.
  1. Remote Sensing Applications Centre (AB)                         (Available Units -01)
  • Design, development and realisation and launching of Space Launch Vehicle Systems and Sounding Rockets; communication satellites (carrying transponders) for meeting the National  Demand towards telecommunications, television broadcasting, security requirements and societal applications; satellites and/or space based systems for navigational applications; Earth Observation Satellites for mapping and monitoring of natural resources, Disaster Management Support and Meteorological services; space systems for carrying out research related to space sciences and planetary exploration.
  1. Public Works Department:-
  1. Public Works Department  (State Government Office)      (Available Units -351)
    • The Public Works Department conducts the construction, improvement, strengthening and maintenance of roads and bridges. The responsibility of construction of certain buildings of the state government and their maintenance is also upon this department.
  1. UP Rajkiya Nirman Nigam (PSU)                                         (Available Units -118)
    1. Building construction & maintenance; project management consultancy; architecture & structural designing.
  1. UP State Bridge Corporation Ltd. (PSU)                               (Available Units -64)
    1. UP State Bridge Corporation Ltd is a company under Uttar Pradesh State Government to accelerate the activities of design and construction of Bridges in the state.
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