Details of Immovable Property (1MB)

Promotion of DA to DAO-II  (367 KB)

Office Order regarding NPS Option (448 KB)

Inter-se.seniority of DAO Grade-1 (811 KB)

Regarding Gradation List (296 KB)

AGT 2021 (Additional Charge) (1.39 MB)

AGT (Transfer Order) 2021 (1.42 MB)

NFU Order (1.1 MB)

Corrigendum reg Expenditure Figure in AGT-2021 (296 KB)

Circular issued by this Office alongwith Option Letter  (1.4 MB)

List of eligible DAO's/DA's due for AGT-2020 & 2021 (46 KB)

District wise vacant/likely to fall vacant Divisions (307 KB)

Grading & expenditure of all divisions for the last three years (543 KB)

Property return form 2020 (0.98 MB)

Promotion of DA to the post of DAO Grade-II (1.03 MB)

Special cash package equivalent in lieu of LTC fare for Central Government Employees during the Block 2018-21 and Special Festival Package to Government Employees (3.66 MB)

Cancellation of Office Order No.-01 Dated:12-05-20 (475 KB)

Confirmation list of DA's  (512 KB)

AGT 2020 (Additional Charge) (1.77 MB)

AGT (Transfer Order) 2020 (0.99 MB)

Completion of Probabtion Period (1.15 MB)

Confirmation list of DA's (1.12 MB)

Instruction regarding entry of WAD AC's in IFMS module (185 KB)

Revised inter se-seniority list (7 MB)

Office order regarding- AGT-2020   (1 MB)

Grading and Expenditure for last 3 years (April,2016 to March.2019) (528 KB)

Office Order related to Property (531 KB)

Change of Classification of Sr. DAO (0.98 MB)

Office Order for COVID 19 (1.1 MB)

Property Return form 2019(360 KB)

Office Order (Corrigendum) regarding NFU(942 KB)

Office Order regarding NFU to Divisional Accounts Officer Grade-I(2.00 MB)

AGT and Additional Charges-2019 2019(2.16 MB)

Entry Pay(991 KB)

Option Letter regarding AGT-2019(1.59 MB)

Office Memorandum(1.3 MB)

AGT-2019(3.92 MB)