• Monthly Accounts of the particular month should be submitted by Treasury to TRS (Treasury Receipt section) of this Office by 10th of the next month positively. Reasons of delay if any may be intimated through e-mail to the Sr.AO/TRS.
  • Proper selection for type of bills should be done when preparing any bills for transaction.
  • Statement of suspense amount (amount to be kept under suspense head 8658 due to failed transaction) of current month that is still not cleared and suspense amount of previous month that is cleared in this month should be enclosed with monthly accounts.
  • Figures mentioned in the LOP and Cash Account should tally with the figures mentioned on SOP and SOR.
  • The monthly account should be submitted only after the figure in R.B.D. statement and VDMs matches with the figure mentioned on the summary page of cash account.
  • R.B.D statement and VDMs may be compulsorily enclosed with the monthly account. In case of any failed transaction, details of which may please be provided alongwith the Monthly Accounts.
  • Proper counting should be done to ensure that the number of vouchers mentioned on SOP tallies with the actual no. of vouchers given for a particular major head.
  • Grants-in-Aids bills should be classified as conditional or unconditional.


  • No change in the Treasury Database should be made after the submission of monthly accounts to the A.G office.
  • Heads of Accounts should not be operated by DTOs without budget provision.
  • Never pass the next AC bill without obtaining a certificate to the effect that the detailed contingent bills have been submitted to the Controlling Officers.
  • Booking of Revenue Expenditure should not be shown into Capital Expenditure Head and vice-versa.