What is the procedure to be followed to rectify errors in name and date of birth ?
If any subscriber sees any mistake in his/her date of birth, and name etc. he/she can forward application to A.G. Office with certified copy of his/her High school certificate through DDO for correction in date of birth and name.
How to adjust missing credits ?
If any subscriber finds missing credits and any other discrepancy in his/her GPF account, he/she can forward application to Office of the Accountant General through DDO with certified copy of GPF passbook for correction/adjustment.
What is the system of recovery in case of overdrawal from GPF account ?
In case a subscriber is found to have drawn from the fund an amount in a excess of the amount standing to his credit on the date of the drawal, the overdrawn amount, irrespective of whether the overdrawal occurred in the course of an advance or a withdrawal on final payment from the fund, shall be repaid by him with interest 2 1/2% over and above the normal rate of Provident Fund. In case the subscriber is still in service, the amount shall ordinarily be repaid by him or recovered from him in one lump sum, but if the total amount to be recovered is more than half of the subscriber's emoluments, the recovery may be made in monthly installments as may be determined, taking into consideration the period left before the retirement of the subscriber. In case, a subscriber is no longer in service, the entire amount with interest shall be repaid by him or recovered from him in one lump sum. In all cases of the overdrawals where the overdrawn amount or a part thereof, with interest, cannot be recovered by other means, it shall be recovered as arrears of land revenue.
How much interest is payable on balances of GPF after superannuation?
Subscriber is required to submit, an application (Form 425-A) to the DDO in triplicate, one for payment of 90 percent of balance in the GPF Pass book and the other for the residual amount, within six months prior to the date of retirement in case of retirement on superannuation and within one month from the date on which the amount became payable in other cases.

Interest shall be payable end of the month preceding that in which the payment is authorized. Provided that where the application required for payment is submitted complete in all respects to the Head of Office or Department, whose duty is to forward the same to the Account Officer, after the expiry of six months from the date the amount claimed became payable, interest shall be payable only up to the end of the month preceding that in which the payment is authorised or up to the end of the twelfth month after the month in which such amount become payable, whichever is earlier. Where it is proved to the satisfaction of the Head of Office or Department concerned that the submission of the said application was delayed by circumstances beyond the control of the applicant the restriction of this provision shall not apply.
How to rectify error in GPF Pass Book ?
The Pass Book is the primary document. If reconciled annually rectification matters should not arise (at all,) at the time of 10% final payment after retirement. Hence, all efforts for correct maintenance should be done by the subscriber and the DDO. The subscriber should point out any error or omission in the Pass Book to the concerned D.D.O. before sign the Pass Book for rectification.
How to get a copy of G.P.F. Pass Book?
The subscribers are entitled to get a copy of their Pass Book from their D.D.O. by depositing the prescribed fees.
How to ensure correct maintenance of G.P.F. Pass Book?
The Pass Book is maintained by the subscriber's D.D.O. In case of transfer, it will be forwarded to that office along with the subscriber's L.P.C.

1. Verify the Pass Book annually.

2. Ensure that all subscriptions, recovery of advance, temporary advances and withdrawal taken by the subscriber is correctly entered.

3. All columns of the Pass Book are correctly filled in and certified by the relevant D.D.O. of that posting (separately for debit and credit both) and closing is done properly.

4. There is no cutting, erasing, overwriting in the Pass Book and corrections are properly attested by D.D.O.

5. Only then the Pass Book may be signed in token of its annual verification.
How to ensure that recovery is made against correct account ?
Verify frequently that only the correct account number is given in the G.P.F. schedule prepared by the concerned D.D.O.
How to deposit subscription if posted in Foreign Service?
If posted in Uttarakhand, the amount should be deposited in State Bank of India through Treasury Challan with complete details like GPF Account No., Name of Subscriber, etc.

If posted outside Uttarakhand, the amount should be forwarded to Accounts Officer, office of Accountant General (A&E), Uttarakhand through a bank draft of the State Bank of India accompanied by complete details in schedule as well as in the back of the bank draft itself.
What is the amount of subscription?
The amount should not be less than 10 percent of the basic pay and not more than the amount of the basic pay.
How GPF account number can be allotted?
The application should reach the O/o the Accountant General (A&E), Uttarakhand through the applicant's D.D.O., in the prescribed proforma well before the applicant completes one year of service.
How to use on-line services ?
GPF on-line Service:

Step 1 : Go to on-line GPF Menu

Step 2 : Select GPF Series (example: IRRIUA for Irrigation)

Step 3 : Enter your GPF number (example: 41634)

Step 4 : Enter Personal Identification Number

(This PIN has already been sent to all DDOs. You can also get

your PIN by entering your Date of birth in the format dd-mmm-yy e.g. 01-Jun-60)

Step 5 : Enter the MD 5 encryption

Step 6. Click Generate OTP

Step 7. Enter your OTP number and Press login

2. Register for SMS Service:

Subscribers have to send a verified letter from their DDOs to this office for registering their mobile number.

3. GPF Pull Short Message Service:

Step 1 : To know Current Status:


Number (Without any space)


Step 2 : To know Debit Status:


Number (Without any space)


Step 3 : To know Missing Status:


Number (Without any space)


Send your SMS to 07738299899


Go to our official Website i.e. www.agua.cag.gov.in
Click on GPF Online at our Website’s Home page
Subscriber login window will appear on the screen. Click on Know Your PIN No.
Now, Know Your PIN No. window will appear on the screen where you will get three drop down fields namely: -

a) GPF Series

b) GPF Number

c) Date of Birth in the format dd-mmm-yy e.g. 01-Jun-60.

5. Fill up the correct information in the above three fields then submit. You would definitely get the requisite information regarding your PIN No. otherwise, incorrect information would give INVALID ENTRY.


After login in your GPF Account Enter Change Pin

Step 1. Enter Current Pin.

Step 2 Enter New Pin.

Step 3. Enter Retype Pin.

Step 4. Click Change.