The Treasuries in the State of Uttarakhand are categorized as Treasuries and Sub-treasuries. They function under the administrative control of Director Treasuries, Pension and Accounts subordinate to the Finance Department of the State Government. There are 21 Treasuries and 71 Sub-Treasuries. All these treasuries are inspected annually by the Accountant General (A&E).

Treasuries transact with the departments through the Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) designated for each departmental unit. The Drawing and Disbursing Officer’s draw money from the respective treasuries by submitting bills. Some Drawing and Disbursing Officers are designated by the Government as Cheque Drawing and Disbursing Officers who draw money by issuing cheques to payee through the treasuries. Similarly all revenue collected by 7 the department is remitted into the treasury by the DDOs. The Treasury Officer maintains the account of all receipt and payment on day to day basis and compiles them on a monthly basis (Cash account and list of payments) and submit it to The Accountant General, for compilation of the monthly accounts of the State Government as a whole.

Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) web portal is designed and developed to provide user interface to various users of treasury department in the state. This portal provides real time financial transactions of State Government performed at 92 Treasuries/Sub Treasuries connected through dedicated lease line across the state. Department of Finance, Treasuries, Secretaries, Head of Departments, DDO's, CCL/PLA Department, Finance Controllers, Bankers, Employees and Pensioners can get instant information through internet by using their login and password. This will help more than 4200 DDO’s, 400 CCL/PLA users to prepare Online Bills/E-cheque/Online Pension Papers of the state & to reconcile the receipt and payment details with treasury figures. This portal facilitates online budget distribution and surrender by 68 Secretaries & 120 HODs, they will be benefited to get their grant/scheme wise progressive expenditure / Budget details. This Portal also provides facility for online salary generation and payment for various autonomous bodies of state Government (universities, aided institutes).

As regards treasury inspection, Annual Try Inspection Plan duly approved by competent authority is to be uploaded instead of try inspection programme of T.I party. Annual review on working of trys is also required to be uploaded.