Application for allotment of GPF Account Number

Send the application in the prescribed form (472-B), duly completed in all respects through the DDO.

The following information should invariably be furnished in the application.

  • Full name of the applicant starting with surname.
  • Father/Husband name.
  • Permanent Address of the applicant.
  • Date of Birth of the applicant.
  • Designation of the applicant.
  • Full designation of the DDO.
  • Date of Appointment of the applicant.
  • Major Head of account to which the pay & allowances are charged.
  • Basic pay of the applicant as on 1st April of the year.
  • Month from which the subscription will commence.
  • Monthly rate of subscription.

Preparation of GPF schedules

GPF schedules should be in the prescribed form and should have the following basic data:

  • Separate schedules should be prepared for All India Service Cadre and for officers/officials Other than Class IV cadre each Series.
  • The total amount shown in the GPF schedule must agree with the total deduction shown in the pay bill towards GPF.
  • In the GPF Schedules, names of the Subscriber should be recorded in ascending order as per the GPF A/c Numbers allotted by this office to them.
  • The subscription and refunds towards temporary advances should be clearly shown in the prescribed columns. The installment number in respect of refunds vis a vis total number of installments should also be recorded.
  • Record the reasons, if no recovery is effected against any subscriber.
  • Invariably quote the page numbers on the schedules. The total of each page should be carried forward or the pagewise abstract showing the pagewise and total amount should be attached with the schedule.
  • If any arrears are to be credited to the GPF, the complete details thereof should be recorded on the top of the schedules.
  • When the GPF subscriptions are credited through challans, it should be ensured that the GPF schedules for the complete amount shown in the challan is enclosed with the copy of the challan.
  • The GPF transaction of class-IV employees with those of other class-III & above should not be mixed up.
  • Quote the correct GPF account number in the schedules and vouchers.
  • Sanction Orders of temporary Advances/Part Final Advances should be attached with debit vouchers.
  • Classify the GPF transaction correctly so as to avoid missing credits/debits.

For All India Service Cadre, classify the GPF under.

  • 8009 State Provident Fund
  • 01-Civil
  • 104-All India Service provident Funds

For officers Other than Class IV cadre, classify under-

  • 8009 State Provident Fund
  • 01-Civil
  • 101-General Provident Funds
  • 02-Other than Class IV

For Class IV Cadre officials, classify under-

  • 8009 State Provident Fund
  • 01-Civil
  • 101-General Provident Funds
  • 01-Other than Class-III

Transfer of GPF Class IV balance

When class IV employee is promoted to class III cadre, the GPF balance indicating full details of GPF should be transferred to the AG, on getting new GPF A/c No. allotted to the official in class III cadre by the AG The interest on GPF balance in class IV cadre should be calculated up to the end of previous financial year.

Annual Statement of Account

  • Annual GPF A/c slips downloaded from Accountant General Website.
  • In case of missing entries of GPF account, it shall be the personal duty of every DDO to send certified copies of GPF Pass book of subscriber to Accountant General and reconcile the omitted entry by correspondence and self efforts.
  • The adjustment of the missing credits/debits will be reflected in the account slip of subsequent year.

Missing credits/debits

Complete information for correction in GPF accounts of subscribers and adjustment of missing credits/debits should be given:-

  • Allotted GPF account number with supporting details
  • Gross and Net amount of the Bill
  • Subscription, refund, arrears of DA and amount of advance etc.
  • Date of encashment of arrears, advances etc.
  • Name of Treasury and Head of Account
  • Voucher number
  • Name and Designation of the DDO during the period of missing credits/debits
  • Code of DDO
  • Information relating to leave without pay, suspension etc.
  • Xerox copy of the schedule.

Final Payment

When subscriber superannuates or takes voluntary retirement subscription should be stopped six months prior to retirement and reconciliation of GPF account case (Milan-case) should be forwarded to this office well before six months of the retirement of the subscriber

The application in the prescribed form (425A) should be obtained from the subscriber and forwarded to the Accountant General

containing the following information:

  • Full name of the subscriber.
  • GPF account number.
  • Date of retirement of the subscriber.
  • Advances sanctioned and paid to the subscriber five years preceding the date of his/ her retirement. If there is no advance sanctioned during the said period, a note there of should be recorded in the prescribed column.
  • The month of last GPF deduction made from the salary for the subscriber.
  • Residential address of the subscriber along with correct name of Treasury
  • The claimant should sign the application form. Full postal address and date on the application should be recorded.
  • In case of deceased subscriber the details of nominee should be certified by the DDO along with death certificate.

Advance from GPF should not be sanctioned to any official after submission of the application for final withdrawal.


  • The clarifications/documents regarding final withdrawal of GPF called for to settle the FP case should be replied promptly in order to enable the AG to authorize the payment timely.
  • Entry of arrears etc. paid in cash to the subscriber should not be made in the Pass Book.
  • Revalidation of the authority if so required, should be sent to AG office promptly in order to avoid delay in payment to the subscriber.
  • Contact number of the DDO should be indicated in all correspondence and applications.


Sl. No. Section AAO Sr.A.O
1 FMG -1 Shri Brijesh Kumar Shri D. D. Pandey
2 FMG -2 Shri Jugmohan Lal Meena Shri Pratap Singh Kharai
3 FMG -3 Shri Avnish Dhariwal Shri Pratap Singh Kharai
4 FMG -4 Shri Sunil Kumar Singh Shri D. D. Pandey
5 FMG -5 Shri Sanjeet Kumar Deo Shri Pratap Singh Kharai
6 FMG -6 Shri Avinash Ranjan Shri R. S. Negi
7 FMG -7 Shri Dinesh Kumar Sharma Shri Pratap Singh Kharai
8 FMG- 8 Shri Ganesh Prasad Shri D. D. Pandey

Various series dealt in different Sections.

FMG I IASU, IASUA,IPSU,IPSUA, IFSU,IFSUA, FU,FUA, Fund Legal Cases, Unposted clearance items Reports and returns to Hqr. Office, T.E
FMG II KEDU ,ALEDU,BEDU,COEDU,COEDUA,MTEDU in respect of Chamoli, KaranprayagTehri Garhwal, Almora, Haridwar, ,Narendra Nagar, Tharali, Ranikhet, Bhikiyasen, Roorke
FMG III KEDU ,ALEDU,BEDU,COEDU,COEDUA,MTEDU in respect of Dehradun. , Rudraprayag, Pauri,Garhwal ,Chakrata, Lansdown, Kotdwar, Dhumakot, Uttarkashi, Purola, Bageshwar
FMG-VII KEDU ,ALEDU,BEDU,COEDU,COEDUA,MTEDU Champawat, Pithoragarh, Nainatal, Udam singh nagar,Haldwani, Didihat, Berinag treasuries