Functions (A & E):


Monthly accounts of disbursements and receipts of Government of Haryana from:

  1. Vouchers and schedules received from 25 treasuries of the State.

  2. Compiled accounts received from 203 Public Works Divisions and 40 Forest Divisions in the State.


  1. Monthly Civil Accounts for submission to the Finance Department of the State Government.

  2. Annual Appropriation and Finance Accounts for submission to the Governor of Haryana for presentation to the State Legislature.


  1. GPF Accounts of AIS Officers of Haryana Cadre and other State Govt. Employees.

  2. Detailed loan accounts in respect of Long term advances taken by the members of the State Legislature and State Government employees.

  3. Accounts of loans made by the State Government to its various departments.

  4. Accounts of loans/grants-in-aid received by the State Government.


  1. Annual GPF Account slips of subscribers.

  2. Receipt and finalisation of GPF Final Payment Cases .

  3. Monthly Credits and Debits of GPF

  4. Balance accounts in respect of loans.

  5. Submission of Fresh Pension and Pension Revision cases

  6. PPO, GPO and CPO of all Fresh Pension/Pension Revision cases


  1. No Due certificates on complete recovery of loans.

  2. Payslips to the Governor, Ministers, Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly on their appointment/revision in their emoluments.


  1. Final Payment of PF Accounts of Subscribers.

  2. Pensionary Benefits

    1. Pension/ Family Pension

    2. Death cum retirement gratuity

    3. Commutation and proceeds of pension

  3. Pension to ex-members of State Legislature and Freedom Fighters.


  1. Treasuries and Sub-Treasuries of the state periodically.


  1. Material for preparation of Combined Finance & Revenue Accounts to Controller General of Accounts, Government of India and Ministry of Finance