Application form for allotment of GPF A/c No. duly filled in from eligible Government Employees and forward the same to this office.

The copy of Nomination stamped as “Accepted, indexed and acknowledged” returned by the A.G. office with the letter intimating the allotment of account number must be safely retained in the office records preferably by pasting in the service Book so that it could always be available with the present DDO of the subscriber having custody of his service book.

GPF Schedule must be attached with the pay bill to be submitted to the Treasury.

Separate GPF schedule should be prepared for AIS Officers.

Schedule of GPF should be signed by the DDO.

GPF Advance/Withdrawal should not be sanctioned in excess of the prescribed limits/available balance and send in advance copy of sanction.

GPF advance/withdrawal bill should be prepared in prescribed form with proper classification.