I have not received GPF statement for a particular year.
(i) Statements are uploaded after the close of each financial year on the website http://www.aghr.cag.gov.in. in the last week of June or 1st week of July every year.

(ii) to get the same, you may approach your DDO.

(iii) You can also down load the same from the website duly entering your PIN.
My GPF account does not show credits upto the on-going month or shows some credits missing.
Posting of Accounts of a particular month is completed and uploaded on the site after a gap of about 2 months.

(ii) In case of missing credits, please send complete detail of subscriptions showing Treasury Voucher No./Month, Total amount of Bill, copy of GPF schedules for that particular month etc. through the DDO.
Whether an employee joined prior to 01.01.2006, is eligible for allotment of GP Fund account number?
A person who has joined the Hr. Govt service before 01.1.2006 on regular basis is eligible for allotment. After 01.01.2006, New Pension Scheme is in operation. (Rule 2 of Hr. Civil Service (GPF) Rules, 2016.