Compensation Pension: It is granted to a Govt. employee who is discharged owing to abolition of his permanent post when he could not be accommodated in another suitable appointment.

The notice of three months to Govt. employee or pay in lieu of notice is necessary.

No pension is payable during notice period.

If the Govt. servant is re-employment during notice period pay drawn in lieu of notice is to be returned.

Invalid Pension: It is awarded, on his retirement from the Public Service, to a Govt. employee who by bodily or mental infirmity is permanently incapacitated for the public service or for the particular branch of it to which he belongs.

If the incapacity is directly due to irregular or in-temperate habits, no pension can be granted. If it has not been directly caused by such habits, but has been accelerated or aggravated by them, it will be for the authority by which the pension is grantable to decide what reduction should be made on this account.

Date from which to be retired:

If he is on duty, he should be invalided from service from the date of relief of his duties which should be arranged without delay on receipt of the report of Medical authority declaring him-completely and permanently incapacitate for further service.

If he is on leave, he should be invalided from service on the expiry of such leave or extension of leave, if any, granted to him not exceeding 6 months.

Superannuation pension: means a monthly pension admissible in lieu of monthly pension admissible to a government employee retired from service on attaining the maximum age prescribed for retirement having not less than minimum qualifying service prescribed for monthly pension.

Retiring Pension: It is granted to Govt. employee who is permitted to retire from service after completing qualifying service for 25 years or such less time as may for any special class of Govt. employee be prescribed.

Voluntary retirement:- At any time after a Govt. employee has completed 20 years qualifying service, he may, by giving notice of not less than three months in writing to the appointing authority, retire from service.

Family Pension:-The family pension shall be admissible to the family of a deceased Government employee, covered under these rules, in case of death

After completion of one year service; or

Before completion of one year service provided the deceased Government employee immediately prior to his appointment to the service or post was examined by the competent medical authority and declared fit for Government service.