• Booking should be made under proper minor head 104 for AIS officers and for non AIS, it should be booked under minor head-101 under the major Head “8009-GPF’.
  • Complete Debit Vouchers should be sent of the booked amount.
  • Advance in excess of available balance should not be sanctioned.
  • Treasury Officer should pass the bill with his full satisfaction.
  • Treasury Officer should check the classification in regard to credit and debit voucher.

Don’t For GPF

  • Don’t subscribe less than 8% of basic pay and more than basic pay.
  • Don’t withdraw more than the balance available in GP Fund account as excess drawl will carry penal interest. •
  • Don’t write wrong series and Account No. in schedules/Vrs and communication.
  • Don’t deduct or get deducted subscription twice in a month, in case of transfer.
  • Don’t apply / draw any advance after submitting FP application without getting it acknowledged from AG office.
  • Don’t subscribe to GPF, six months prior to retirement as it bears no interest. •
  • Don’t send the F.P. case later than one month of retirement as no interest will be admissible for the delayed period.