The Office maintains GPF accounts of Haryana State Government Employees including AIS officers of Haryana Cadre.  The office performs functions relating to uploading of GPF statements after the close of each financial year on office website, allotment of GPF Account No. to eligible Haryana Govt. Employees,   authorises final payments on retirement/quitting service/death. The office maintains complete transparency in maintaining the GPF accounts of Haryana Govt. Employees.  For this, the office has its own website  HYPERLINK " "

To have easy access to the website, all the subscribers have been issued unique/confidential PIN No. which can also be changed/ generated by the employee through the GPF application.  The generation involves SMS facility on the registered mobile No. of the subscriber. The website is regularly updated fortnightly/monthly to provide access to latest information regarding GPF balances/status of final payment cases etc. to the subscribers/Missing Credit details etc.

Dedicated Grievance Redressal Cell and personnel has been working in the office for attending all types of complaints regarding GPF.