About Entitlements

The Office manages GPF accounts for Haryana State Government Employees and AIS officers of the Haryana Cadre. This Office approves pension cases for Haryana State Government Employees with 20 years of qualifying service. Services include uploading GPF statements annually, allotting GPF Account Numbers, and authorizing final payments/Pensionary benefits for retirement, resignation, or death.

About Accounts

The accounts of the Government of Haryana are compiled based on the details received from various Account Rendering Units (Treasuries, Public Works Divisions, Forest Divisions of the State). The details of receipts and disbursements of Government of Haryana are received in the form of vouchers and schedules from State treasuries and Compiled accounts from Public Works and Forests divisions. Based on the information received from these rendering units, the followings reports are prepared and submitted to the State Government: - 1. Monthly Accounts: - a. Monthly Civil Accounts b. Report on Expenditure c. Monthly Key Indicators These reports are submitted to the Finance Department of the State Government. 2. Annual Accounts: - a. Appropriation Accounts b. Finance Accounts These accounts/reports are submitted to the Governor of Haryana for presentation to the State Legislature.