1. For cases received in form PF-09 Superannuation/Quitting services/transfer to corporate Bodies/Other Government/Resignation/Dismissal/Removal

Quitting Service/Transfer to corporate Bodies/Other Government/Resignation/Dismissal/Removal.

  • Last fund Deduction
  • Advance detail during the twelve months preceding the date of retirement/quitting service.
  • Name of treasury may be same from where the pay of the retiree is being drawn. (a) (b) (c) application in all cases.
  • Final orders that no appeal against dismissal is pending in the department.
  • Date of dismissal/removal may be mentioned in the required column.
  • Copy of dismissal order may be attached with the case.

(2). PF-10 (in r/o Death cases or Disappearance of subscriber while in service)



  • Death certificate
  • List of family members
  • In case of no valid nomination and no family members succession certificate court of law.
  • Non traceable report from concerned police station.
  • Indemnity bond.
  • Name of Treasury may be same from where the case in being sent by DDO.