Application for final payment should be in  Form PF-9 (Annexure-1)in cases of retirement/quitting service/transfer to corporate bodies/other Govt. and Form PF No 10 (Annexure-2) in case of payment to Nominee (s) or any other claimants where no nomination subsists. The application  should be signed by the next higher authorities of the officer/official before, forwarding the case to this office.

The application of Final Payment should indicate properly the GPF Account No., nature of retirement, detail of last fund deduction, Certificate of GPF advances/withdrawals during the preceding 12 months of quittal of Service/Superannuation/date of death.

In case of death, the case should be sent through actual claimant as per nomination along with death certificate of the subscriber.

In case of Final Payment of subscriber who has been dismissed/removed from service, copy of orders of dismissal along with certificate from DDO that no appeal is pending against the orders of dismissal of the subscribers in the department.