Who will restore my commuted portion of pension and when T.O. /Bank has recovered the full amount of commuted value of pension ?
A)Commuted portion of pension will be restored by the pension disbursing authorities as per Haryana Govt. instructions issued from time to time.B) As per Govt of Haryana Finance Department notification No 2 / 51/ 2008-1Revised dated 10-5-2011which is applicable w.e.f. 17-4-2009 “ The fraction of pension commuted on retirement i.e. superannuation/pre mature retirement shall be restored on completion of 15 years from the date of retirement or 15 years from the actual receipt of commuted value , which ever is later .C) Previously as per Finance Department’s letter No FD Haryana/1/2/18-2FR –II dated 4-3-2003, the fraction of pension commuted on superannuation w.e.f. 1-1-96 , was to be restored after 15 years from the actual receipt of commuted value and in the caseof pre-mature retirement Notional interest@ 8.1% per annum was to be charged.( Rate of interest was raised from 2.8%p.a. to 8.1%per annum for those who retired on or after 1-1-96 ( effective from the date of issue of orders dated 4-3-2003.)
Why the benefit of NPA is not being taken into account while fixing pension @ 50% of minimum pay scale + GP + NPA of the corresponding pay scale introduced w.e.f. 1-1-2006 & where Qualifying service is 33 years or more ?
In case of pre 1-1-2006 retiree, the minimum of pay scale does not include NPA. As clarified by Govt of Haryana Finance Department vide notification No 1/2 (8) 98-2FR-II (part-VIII) dated 10-6-2011.
Why the P.P. & S.P. has not been taken into account while working out my pension ?
As per Haryana Govt. Notification 2/51/2008-1 pension dated 17-4-2009, pay in the revised pay structure means pay band plus grade pay and does not include any other type of pay like special pay etc.
Why I am not getting pension equivalent to 50% of my last pay as my service is more than 28 years and date of retirement after1-1-2006 ?
In case of Govt Servant retiring on or after 17-4-2009, the linkage of full pension with 33 years of Qualifying service has been modified to the extent that once a Govt servant retires after rendering the minimum Qualifying service of 28 years , pension should beat 50% of the emoluments subject to other conditions. In other words pension equivalent to 50% of last pay on 28 years Qualifying Service is payable in case of retirement on or after 17-04-2009.
Why enhanced family pension is not being paid to me for 10 years as the Govt of Haryana has extended the period from 7 years to 10 years ?
As per Haryana Govt notification No 2/51/2008-1 pension dated 17-4-2009 enhanced family pension shall be payable for a period of 10 years to the family of a Govt. Servant who dies in service after completing 7 years or more continuous service . The above modified provision of enhanced family pension for 10 years are not applicable where period of enhanced family pension completed on or before1-1-2006.
Am I entitled for family pension widowed daughter? The death of my husband occurred after the death of my father / mother ?
No. The Govt of Haryana vide letter No2/53 /2009-1/ pension dated 26th April 2010 has clarified that widowed/ divorced daughter will be entitled for family pension , in case she was widowed /divorced at the time of death of his father subject to fulfillment of other conditions prescribed in Govt notification dated 17-4-2009
Whether the family can be given the benefits of 40% commutation if a pensioner dies before exercising option?
Is any authorization for restoration of commutation portion of pension after 15 years required from Pr. A.G.’s office. ?
No, Restoration of commuted Portion is to be done by the pension disbursing authority in accordance with instruction on CVP authority or Haryana Govt instructions issued from time to time.
How does the period of 15 years for restoration of commutation portion of pension after 15 years required from Pr. A.G.’s office ?
Restoration on completion of 15 years from the date of retirement or 15 years from the actual receipt of CVP whichever is later.
Is the Dearness Relief payable on original basic pension or on reduced pension after commutation?
DR is payable on original basic pension.
Is there any limitation commutation of pension?
Yes-up to 40% of pension for Haryana Govt pensioner and up to 50% ofjudicial officers of Haryana State(refer Govt notification dated 11-2-2011).
Is there any ceiling on gratuities and if so what is the maximum amount admissible ?
Maximum limit of DCRG shall be 20.00 lakhs as per notification dated3/3/2017.
What is the minimum and maximum pension/Family Pension ?
Minimum pension Rs.9000/-per month and max. up to 50% of highest pay ie2,24,100/ w.e.f. 1-1-2016andMinimum Family Pension w.e.f.1-1-2016 is 9000/-and Maximum67230 ( 30 % of 2,24,100/-)