Admissibility of family pension.―

  1. The family pension shall be admissible to the family of a deceased Government employee, covered under these rules, in case of death─
    1. after completion of one year service; or
    2. before completion of one year service provided the deceased Government employee immediately prior to his appointment to the service or post was examined by the competent medical authority and declared fit for Government service.
  2. However, thefamily pensionshall be payable to the eligible member of the family of deceased Government employee after the cessation ofcompassionate financial assistance.
  3. The family pension shall also be admissible to the eligiblefamilymember after death of a pensioner.
  4. Save as otherwise provided in these rules, thefamily pensionshall not be payable to more than one member of the family of deceased Government employee or pensioner at the same time. It shall be admissible to the eligible member as per definition of family for the purpose offamily pensionand shall be paid in the manner.

Determination of family pension

  1. The amount of family pension shall be fixed at monthly rates. It shall be expressed in whole rupees and fraction of a rupee, if any, shall be rounded off to the next higher rupee.
  2. The family pension shall be calculated at uniform rate of thirty percent of last emoluments at the time of retirement or death while in service and shall be subject to minimum of Rs. 9,000/- per month and maximum of thirty percent of the highest emoluments.

Determination of enhanced family pension

  1. In the event of death while in service after having rendered not less than seven years continuous service, the enhanced family pension shall be admissible to the eligible family member of the deceased Government employee for a period of ten years after cessation ofcompassionate financial assistanceirrespective of any upper age limit of the deceased Government employee. The rate ofenhanced family pensionshall be equal to fifty percent of the emoluments last drawn.
  2. In the event of death after retirement, theenhanced family pensionshall be admissible to the family of deceased pensioner for a period of seven years or upto the date on which the deceased pensioner shall have attained the age of sixty five years, had he survived, whichever is earlier. The amount ofenhanced family pensionshall be determined equal to the pension of deceased pensioner before his death.

Additional family pension on completion of prescribed age

On attaining the prescribed age, the family pensioners shall