Do's and Don’ts for Pension Sanctioning Authority/DDO’s

  1. Maintain service book of the govt. servant properly chronologically with all noting of fixation of pay, promotion, scale of pay, post held, Leave, suspension, reinstatement, extension, superannuation etc. under proper attestation alongwith any other non-qualifying service. Where entries have been revised (Pay etc.) the previous entries should be cancelled and revised entries recorded by giving a note of it on the previous entries.
  2. Process pension cases 2 (two) years before the date of superannuation of the govt. servant.
  3. Regulation of pay i.e. in case of promotion, revision of pay etc. may be re checked further before sending the case to the office.
  4. Verification of service should be checked further from the date of joining in service up to the date of superannuation retirement or death as the case may be.
  5. "Non-Demand Certificate" from the Estate officer, if any, along with other departmental outstanding dues to govt. may be furnished by the Head of the office.
  6. L.P.C. should be forwarded to the office.
  7. Form-7 and Form-8 should be enclosed with the pension papers after obtaining the approval of the Head of the office.
  8. Application for commutation obtained from the Govt. servant should be sent separately.
  9. Form-5 should be obtained well in advance form the govt. servant before the date of his/her retirement and enclosed with the pension papers.
  10. To take note in the Service book whether provisional pension/gratuity has/have been authorized to the pensioner, if so, the amount of the pension/gratuity and for the period for which these are sanctioned, should the indicated in the Service book.
  11. A notification/office order indication the date of superannuation of a govt. servant should be sent to the office.
  12. The Govt. servant who are due to retire within 2 years should check his/her entire Service book and if any deficiencies are found, it should at once be brought to the notice of the authorities for rectification.
  13. The Govt. servant should submit "Form-5" duly filled in with all enclosures as asked for in due time, as and when received from the authorities.
  14. All forms including Commutation application should be filled in complete shape by the govt. servant (due to retire) so that there is no ambiguity which may cause undue delay in finalization of his/her pension case.


  1. Do not keep any noting in service book unattested.
  2. Don’t start processing pension cases just before retirement or after the retirement.
  3. Do not delay in submission of pension cases to the office.
  4. Do not keep any period of service unverified.
  5. Do not send final payment case of GPF alongwith pension case as GPF cases are dealt with by Funds wing.