i.  As per provisions contained under rule 10.13 of HPFR Vol. 1 the advances may be granted in                        accordance of the rules, to officiating or temporary Govt. Servants without any substantive appointment        under the general or special sanction of finance department of H.P. Govt.

 ii. On receipt of sanction for grant of HBA/MCA/EDU Loan from finance department of H.P. and on receipt         of the request for allotment of HBA/MCA/EDU Loan account no. Is allotted to the employee.

iii. After the sanction of HBA/MCA/EDU Loan and allotment of A/c   no. Loan is disbursed in lump sum or           more than in one instalment by the concerned departments.

iv. The debit of loan instalment disbursed to the loanee is received through treasury and is posted in                   HBA/MCA/EDU Loan module in VLC.

V. After the completion of recovery the interest calculation sheet is prepared and interest also calculated by       the concerned DDO and complete loan case is sent to this office for verification/ Vetting of interest and         no due certificate in respect of loan is issued by this office.

VI. Recovery of interest is watched by the concerned DDO.

Dont's :-

  1. On completion of recovery of loan the DDO’s are not submitting the case for no due certificate of principal amount sometimes the cases are submitted generally at the time of retirement of loanees.
  2. The documents/ information required with the NDC Case i.e. interest calculation sheet place of posting copy of sanction salary head of account and mode of payment /recovery is not often sent with the case.
  3. In some DDO’s the terms and condition shown in the sanction is not followed at the time of recovery. The rate and no. Of instalments are varied time and again.
  4. Sometimes if the loanee deposited the balance amount of loan through challan in the treasury and the copy of the challan sent to this office for issuance of NDC. Whereas the accounts routed through treasury and after closing of the account of the concerned month this office will be able to issuance of NDC.