GPF In Himachal Pradesh

The President of India in consultation with the C.A.G. of India made the G.P.F.(CS) Rules 1960 in exercise of the power conferred by the proviso to Article 309 and Clause (5) of Article 148 of the Constitution of India. These Rules came into force on the Ist April 1960.

Admission to the Fund

All Government servants, permanent and temporary, borne in the regular establishment and not paid out of contingencies shall subscribe to the Fund.  Temporary Government servants shall subscribe after continuous service of one year. Provided that no such servant as has been required or permitted to subscribe to a Contributory Provident Fund shall be eligible to join or continue as a subscriber to the Fund, while he retains his right to subscribe to such a Fund.  Government Employees who has join the service prior to 15-05-2003 required to join this scheme compulsory after completion of one  year continuous service. GPF Account number to those employees are allotted by Office of the Principal Accountant General (A&E), HP, Shimla-171003. Subscription to the Provident Fund Should not be deducted from the pay bills before the allotment of account number. For obtaining G.P.F. account number application for this purpose in prescribed format should be forwarded to the Office of the Principal Account General (A&E), HP, Shimla-171003 through DDO.


A subscriber shall subscribe monthly to the Fund even during the period of Suspension, provided that a subscriber may at his/her option, elect not to subscribe during leave, provided further that a subscriber on reinstatement after a period passed under suspension shall be allowed the option of paying in one sum or in instalments any sum not exceeding the maximum amount of arrear subscriptions permissible for that period. Subscription may be any sum, so expressed by the subscriber, not less than 6 percent of his emoluments and not more than his total emoluments. Amount of subscription may be increased twice and decreased once in a year.  But, the amount of subscription so fixed shall in no case fall below 6 percent and not more than his / her total emoluments.

Unauthorised subscription to GPF Account

Subscription more than the subscriber’s emoluments shall be treated as unauthorised subscription and it will not earn interest.


A subscriber shall at the time of joining the Fund, send to the Office of the Principal Accountant General, a nomination in prescribed Form conferring on one or more persons the right to receive the amount that may stand to his credit in the Fund, in the event of his death.


Conditions for Advances from the General Provident Fund:

A temporary advance may be granted to a subscriber from the amount standing to his credit in the Fund at the discretion of the authority subject to the following conditions:  

(a) No advance shall be granted unless the sanctioning authority is satisfied that the applicant’s pecuniary circumstances justify it and that it will be expended on the following objects and not otherwise.

  • To pay expenses incurred in connection with the prolonged illness of the applicant or any person actually dependent on him.
  • To pay for the overseas passage for reasons of health or education of the applicant or any person actually dependent on him.;
  • To pay obligatory expenses on a scale appropriate to the applicant’s status which by customary usage the applicant has to incur in connection with marriages / funerals or other ceremonies of persons actually dependent on him.
  • To meet the cost of higher education of the applicant himself or of any person who is a member of the subscriber’s family and is actually dependent on him-

Provided that the condition of actual dependency shall not apply in the case of a son or daughter of the subscriber.

Note – Advances are also permissible for meeting expenditure connection with marriage and other ceremonies of the subscriber himself /herself

  • For education within India whether for medical, engineering or other technical or specialised course subsequent to passing the Final Examination held by the Board of Secondary Education, West Bengal, or other equivalent  examination, provided that the course of study is for not less than three years. 
  • The sanctioning authority shall record in writing its reason for granting the advances
  • An advance shall not, except for special reasons –
    • Exceed three months’ pay or half the amount at the credit of the subscriber in the Fund whichever is less, or
    • Unless the amount already advanced does not exceed two-thirds of the amount admissible be granted until at least twelve months after the final repayment of all previous advances together with interest thereon.