Regular Case (Service Pension)

  • Superannuation Pension
  • Retiring Pension
  • Invalid Pension
  • Compensation Pension
  • Compulsorily Retirement Pension
  • Compassionate Allowance
  • Pro-rata Pension
  • Pension Liability
  • Service Gratuity
  • Provisional Pension.

Gratuity Case

  • Death cum retirement gratuity is admissible to the state govt. employees those who retire  under CCS (Pension) rules 1972.
  • Death cum retirement gratuity under NPS to the employees appointed on or after 15.05.2003 and retired /died in harness on or after22.09.2017

Commutation Case

  • The Govt. servants who may be entitled to or have authorized any class of pension referred to in chapter V of the CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972.

Outside pension cases

  • Other State Govt. employee can draw his pension from any treasury of H.P.  Govt. PPOs, Gratuity authority and commutation authority are issued by this office to concerned DTO after the receipt of authority under special seal from the concerned A.G. /PAG/Pension Authorizing Authority.