How to change my Password/ PIN allotted by the Accountant General office?
After submitting the required information on the GPF information for employees page individual subscriber is logged on to the Years' specification page. On the top right corner of this page a tab Change your Password has been provided for the purpose.
Is the Annual GPF Statement available on the AG (HP) website?
Yes, the Annual GPF Statement for the two previous financial years along with the status/ detail for the current is available on the website.
If someone comes to know my password, can he/she draw any money out of my GPF account?
No. As soon as you come to know of this fact it would be in your interest to immediately change the password on both the systems i.e. Website and Inter-active voice response system (IVRS) to avoid future inconvenience in accessing your GPF information.
How much time is required by your office to reply?
Though the time required to completely resolve the grievances of the complainant depends on the nature of the complaint lodged, but we make all-out efforts to settle the complaint within one month from the date on which the complaint has been lodged.
May I put forward any suggestions to improve or make the website of your office more user friendly?
Yes, suggestions are always welcome
How can I submit my complaint/grievances to the Accountant General office and subsequently seek the reply to my complaint or query?
On the Home page a tab for the purpose has been provided to submit your complaint. On left-click of the mouse on the submit tab, a reference number is supplied by the system to your complaint. You can check the status/reply of your complaint by filling in this reference number under the Check your status tab. Mentioning, your personal e-mail address or telephone numbers in the complaint, will help us in the prompt disposal of your complaints/ grievances.
Why does system show the remark "INVALID DATA", although I entered correct Series Code. GPF A/c No. & Password?
Instead of pressing the Enter or Return key on the keyboard, left-click with the mouse on the submit tab provided below the Password/Employee PIN tab, will allow you to seek information on GPF status.
The AG(HP) office gave me a PIN (Secret Number/Password). It does not work/ allow me to access my GPF account.
The subscribers to the GPF. who have been allotted Password/ PIN by this office are advised not to disclose their PIN to anybody, since the facility to change the PIN may be misused by the other person to change the password, thereby making it impossible for the original subscriber to access his status of GPI} Moreover, if any subscriber changes his PIN on the 'Åebsite, she/he is advised to change the PIN on IV RS also. so that in case of his/her forgetting the password, this office may easily make the changed password available to them.
My GPF account shows details which are two months old. Why is it not up to date?
Prior to hosting GPF data (Subscription/refund/withdrawals etc.) on this office website, this office has to undertake various processes: receipt of schedules form various Treasuries, compiling of the vouchers/schedules, data entry and its monthly validation, extracting & transforming of data from this office server to seek compatibility with NIC server and exporting of data to the NIC server, where this data is ultimately hosted. These activities consume about three months time and hence the latest possible data is for the fourth previous month from the current month.