The Pr. Accountant General/ Accountant General deals with verification and authorization of pension claims of:-

  • All Himachal Pradesh State Government Employees
  • Staff of Non-government Educational Institutions who are eligible for Pension under TBS Rules.
  • Pension cases of All India Service Officers borne on the Himachal Pradesh cadre
  • High Court Judges who retire from the Himachal Pradesh High Court
  • Chairman and members of the H.P. Public Service Commission 
  • Pensioners of other Governments drawing pension in Himachal Pradesh  
  • Political Pensions like MLA M.P. & Minister etc. Pension
  • Other Governments Pensions like Burma Govt. Family Pension

Books for Reference

  • CCS ( Pension) Rules 1972.
  • H.P. Pre-mature retirement Rules, 1976.
  • All India Services (DCRB) Rules 1958 deals with pension cases of All India Service Officers.
  • Appendix I of CCS(  (Commutation of Pension) Rules, 1981
  • The High Court Judges (Salaries & Conditions of Service) Act 1954.
  • H.P. Legislative Assembly (Allowances and Pension of Members) Act,1971 contains Rules  and orders regarding payment of Pension

H.P. Contributory Pension Rules 2006 and orders of the state Govt. regarding NPS.

  • H.P Treasury Rules 2017 contains the Rules and orders regarding payment of Pension.

The Government of Himachal Pradesh vide notification No. Fin (Pen)
Dated adopted CCS ( Pension) Rules 1972 to his employees. 

The Government of Himachal Pradesh vide his notification No. Fin (Pen) A (3)-1/96, dated 15.05.2003 modified the Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1972 in its application to the State of Himachal Pradesh and the said rules were made inapplicable to all appointments made in the State of Himachal Pradesh on or after 15.05.2003.The Govt. of Himachal vide   Office Memorandum No. Fin(Pen)A(3)-1 /96 dated 18.09.2017 have introduced the benefits of gratuity and death gratuity to state govt. employees under  New Pension Scheme retired /died in harness on or after 22.09.2017.