On receipt of a Loan Case (Viz. HBA/HBA (Hudco)/PCA/MCA) by the manual sections, One input sheet for calculation of interest/for issue of Clearance Certificate are filled up and it is  sent to Loan (Hudco) section, along with the personal file. The name of the loanee, Types of advance, GPF A/c No. rate of interest, sanction letter No/ release order No. and date, recovery details are all recorded in the input sheet for details posting for calculation of interest in the system. On receipt of the interest calculation sheet and subscriber status from loan (Hudco) Section, the loan case is processed. Thereafter on approval by higher authority, interest intimation / Clearance Certificate are issued. In the case of interest outstanding, the case is subsequently disposed on receipt of outstanding interest intimation from the deptt. and clearance certificate  issued.