Advances from the Fund : 

Temporary advance may be granted to a subscriber from the amount standing to his / her credit in the Fund at the discretion of the appropriate authority, to meet the expenditure as listed in the Rulebook. 

Conditions for sanction

  • There should be a sanction order in writing by an authority specified in the 5th schedule of the Rules. 
  • No advance shall be granted unless the sanctioning authority is satisfied that the applicant's pecuniary circumstances justify it  and it will be expended on the following object or objects and not otherwise. 
  • The temporary advance should not, except for special reasons, exceed 50% of the balance standing at his credit.

Recovery of advances

  • The advances shall be recovered from the subscriber in such number of equal monthly installments as the sanctioning authority may direct, but such number shall not be less than 12, unless the subscriber so elects, or more than 24 .