The scope of audit includes all the Department/ Agencies/ Public Sector Undertakings/ Autonomous Bodies under the Government of Kerala and Government Companies, Corporations and Departmental undertakings, Kerala State Road Transport Corporation and Kerala State Electricity Board etc. grouped under eight Clusters as below:

Sl no Units Numbers
1 Departments 18
2 Statutory Corporations 3
3 Autonomous Bodies/ PSUs 135

The types of audit are:

  • Financial Audit: It focuses on determining whether the financial statements prepared by the entity convey a true and fair view. This is accomplished by examining and verifying the financial statements submitted by the entity to give a professional opinion on whether the financial statements are free from material misstatements and faithfully represent the financial performance and position of the entity.
  • Compliance Audit: It focuses on whether a particular subject matter is in compliance with the criteria.   Compliance   auditing   is   performed   by   assessing   whether   activities,   financial transactions  and  information  are,  in  all  material aspects,  in  compliance with the  applicable authorities  which  include  the  Constitution, Acts,  Laws,  rules  and  regulations,  budgetary resolutions,  policy,  contracts,  agreements,  established  codes,  sanctions,  supply  orders, agreed terms or the general principles governing sound public sector financial management and the conduct of public officials.
  • Performance Audit: It focuses on whether interventions, programmes and institutions are performing in accordance with the principles of economy, efficiency and effectiveness and whether there is room for improvement.  Performance is examined against suitable criteria and the causes of deviations from those criteria or other problems are analysed. The aim is to answer key audit questions and to provide recommendations for improvement.
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