The Welfare Wing supports the work of the Accountant General's Office Employees Recreation Club. As far as Kerala is concerned, in addition to the fairly large Recreation Club at the Head Office, there is a Recreation Club functioning in each branch office. Hence, there are five clubs in the Kerala office.
Elections to the Recreation Club are conducted under the supervision of the Welfare Wing which appoints a Returning Officer to conduct the elections after obtaining orders from the Accountant General.
The General Secretary, Library Secretary, Treasurer and two members are elected from among the club members for the Management Committee of the Recreation Club.
The Senior Deputy Accountant General (Administration) of the Audit-I Office will be the President of the Recreation Club. The Vice-President and two members for the Management Committee are nominated by the Accountant General who is the Custodian of all Recreation Clubs in Kerala, Office of the Accountant General. Two members are nominated by the Accountant General (Accountant) from among the employees of the Accounts and Entitlement Office for the Management Committee.
The term of the Management Committee is for two years or such period as may be extended by the Patron of the Recreation Club.
Sports Competitions
The Welfare Section is responsible for the local management of sports competitions handed over to the Office of the Accountants General, Kerala by the Office of the Accountant General, Kerala in coordination with the administration for their smooth conduct.
Sports and Entertainment Activities
The Recreation Club has a library and a reading room to cater to the intellectual needs of the members. The Library Secretary is in charge of the library and reading room. Many magazines and newspapers are purchased in the reading room.
Sports activities take place under the supervision of the Sports Club which is under the Recreation Club. Under the Sports Club, various sub-sports clubs are functioning under the IA & AD Department, keeping in mind the needs of different types of sports.
Acting as Liaison Officer to Headquarters Officers
The function of acting as Liaison Officer and making living arrangements for the Headquarters officers during their visits to Kerala is handled by the Welfare Wing.
Funds under grants-in-aid
Monitoring and approval of funds allocated by the Headquarters (CAG of India) under the head ‘Grants-in-aid’ under the orders of the Accountant General is done through the Welfare Wing.
Any Other Work
Assistant for the welfare of the employees of the Accountant General's Office or any other work assigned to the Welfare Section by the Accountant General.

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