Our office is notified under Rule10(4) of Official Language Rules, 1976 since the year 1985. Official Language Implementation Committees were constituted under the chairmanship of Principal Accountant General (Audit-II) in the Main Office and under Deputy Accountant General (AMG II) in the Branch Office at Thrissur. In the meetings of OLIC conducted every quarter, achievement of the targets prescribed in the Annual Programme issued for the progressive use of Hindi for the official purposes of Central Govt. Offices by the Department of Official Language, based on the provisions of Official Language Act, 1963 as well as Official Language Rules, 1976 and its progress are reviewed and strict compliance of the same is ensured. Hindi Books are also being purchased as per the prescribed target.

In order to enhance the knowledge of the officials in Official Language, Hindi workshops and Official Language Awareness Programmes for higher officers are conducted at regular intervals. In additions, these officials are nominated regularly for all the training programmes conducted by Central Hindi Training Institute/ Hindi Teaching Scheme, Dep. of Official Language, Ministry of Home Affairs.

Hindi Fortnight is being celebrated every year, giving special importance to Hindi Day under the joint auspices of offices of Principal Accountants General. Apart from the incentive scheme of the Union, an In-house incentive scheme for the officers/officials doing work in Hindi and Rolling trophy for the section doing more work in Hindi are also in force in this office. 

This Office is an active member of the Thiruvananthapuram Town Official Language Implementation Committee(Off-2) and its meetings are being attended by Head of Department/Head of Office.

Hindi Magazine

Two in-house Hindi journals are being published by the Office, Half yearly Hindi journal ‘SAVITHA’ from main Office and annual journal from the Branch Office at Thrissur. Click the link below to see the journals:



Annual Programme

Click the link below to see the program: 

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