• Transfer is an inevitable part of public service.  All categories of employees may be transferred in public interest.
  • The guiding principle behind transfers will be administrative exigencies and public interest.
  • All promotions to supervisory cadres will entail a definite transfer liability.
  • A minimum period of two years in the transferred station will be mandatory for an official to request for a transfer to a station of his choice.  Requests for transfer will be taken on record as per date of receipt for consideration as per availability of vacancies, taking into account the requirement for filling these vacancies as per administrative exigencies and suitability of officials to man those vacancies.

All requests for transfer or exemption from transfer on the grounds of extreme compassion, sickness etc. will be decided on a case to case basis taking into account merit of case and administrative exigencies.

Transfer Board has been constituted as follows:

Group ‘A’ (non IA&AS) and Group 'B' Gazetted


DAG (Admin&AMG-I)
Senior Audit Officer /(Admin.)
Senior of the two Group Officers will be the Chairperson. Principal Accountant General will be the accepting authority.
Group ‘B’ (Non Gazetted) and Group ‘C’ Senior AO (Admin.)
Secretary to PAG
Senior Audit Officer of the Functional wing where the officials belongs.
Senior Audit Officer (Admin.) will be the ex-officio member and DAG (Admin.) will be the accepting authority.
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