1. Committee for redressal of complaint of Sexual Harassment of working women at workplace:

A Committee for redressal of complaint of sexual harassment of working women at workplace has been constituted in this office for redressal of the grievances of working women in the work place with a view to provide protection to women on their complaints and to create awareness of the rights of female employees. The Committee is chaired by Smt. Yashoda, Sr. DAG (Admn& AMG I) and  (AMG-II) and consist of the following members:

Smt. Yashoda, Sr, DAG (Admn & AMG I) and (AMG II) Chairperson
Smt. Leelakumari (Retd) Professor, IMG, Thiruvananthapuram External Member
Smt. Vishnudevi Rajasenan, Senior Audit Officer in charge of Welfare Member
Smt. Manju R S, Senior Audit Officer/AMG I (HQ) I&V Member
Smt. Reshmi R Nair, Assistant Audit Officer/ AMG I HQ IV Member
Shri. Kannan S S, Assistant Audit Officer/General Section Member

2. Transfer Board

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