Office Crèche

The Office Crèche for children below the age of 9 years functions directly under the Welfare Section. The Crèche, under the supervision of two lady staff, is fully equipped to keep the children creatively until they leave the Crèche for their home.


Verification of facts of the case of eligible member of the family seeking compassionate employment in respect of deceased employee is attended to by the Welfare Section for appropriate action Administrative Section.

Pre-retirement training programme

The Welfare Section arranges a pre-retirement training programmes for the staff retiring during a financial year to impart good counsel in respect of money management and health and psychological well-being. Offices from SBI and LIC are invited as faculties to impart Financial Management Classes and Eminent Doctors with considerable practice in mental health imparts a two session lecture to the retirees which is held in high esteem by the retiring staff.

Chest of Medicines

The Welfare Section maintains a number of general medicines obtained over the counter which does not require a Doctor’s prescription. We also maintain gadgets for monitoring blood glucose levels, blood pressure testing apparatus and a weighing scale.

Hospitalization of Staff

For any employee requiring medical assistance while in office is taken care of by Welfare Section by assisting in hospitalization and subsequent assistance rendered at Hospitals.

Cleanliness of Office and Premises

Cleanliness of Office and premises to create a healthy environment in and around office which is periodically ensured and reported for action, if necessary. Internally, it is ensured that the bathroom, washroom are always clean and appropriately followed up for cleanliness.

Departmental Canteen

The Administrative support to the departmental canteen is provided to advise on the quality of food and smooth functioning of the departmental canteen as well as to ensure that any complaint is resolved immediately.

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