Audit Management Group-II under Office of the Accountant General (Audit-II), Kerala deals with five clusters viz. Energy & Power, Industry & Commerce, Transport, IT & Communication   and Culture & Tourism. The Group conducts the compliance / financial audit of State Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs), i.e. Government Companies& Statutory Corporations, Government Departments, Government Directorates its field offices Departmental Commercial Undertaking, Autonomous Bodies and Electricity Regulatory Commission, under Government of Kerala as detailed below:

  • 81 Government companies
  • 2 Statutory Corporations (KSRTC, KINFRA)
  • 7 Secretariat Departments
  • 12 Government Directorates   
  • Field offices of Motor Vehicles Department
  • Field offices of Mining& Geology Department
  • Field offices of Factories & Boilers Department
  • Chief Electrical Inspectorate
  • 1 Departmental Commercial Undertaking i.e ‘State Water Transport Department’
  • 107 Autonomous Bodies &
  • Kerala state Electricity Regulatory Commission (KSERC)

AG (Audit-II), Kerala is the sole auditor of KSRTC, KINFRA and KSERC. Besides, AMG-II group is entrusted with the financial audit of one AB i.e. Kerala Khadi and Village Industries Board and it is taken up as and when their accounts are received.

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