Administration wing deals with the following matters in respect of the staff working in the Office of the Principal Accountant General (Audit-II), Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram

Section Functions
Admin Transfer and posting of officials of both Commercial and Civil Wing
Maintenance of Staff details, updation of staff position etc.
Monthly updation of staff position of officers coming under Commercial Wing
Dealing with grant of all types of permissions to Govt. Employees such as purchase of movable/immovable property, to apply for outside posts, for pursuing private study/course, to travel by flight by non-eligible and any other miscellaneous permission
Issuance of Employment Certificate, NOCs, NLCs etc.
Grant of certain types of leave to employees such as CCL, Special Casual Leave, EOL etc.
Dealing with matters related to unauthorized absence, overstayal of leave etc.
Matters relating to Audit Fee
Issuance of Cash Award during January 26th every year.
Forwarding of transfer requests/deputation applications to Admn/Audit-I/Hqrs Office, New Delhi
Forwarding of deputation applications for embassy audit/UN Audit to Hqrs Office
Matters relating to strike/Hartal etc.
Legal Cell Processing of Applications, First Appeals and Second Appeals under RTI Act.
Correspondence in respect of Court Cases.
C Cell

Processing of Disciplinary cases against officials under O/o AG (Au-II).
Processing of APARs of officials of Commercial Cadre under O/o AG (Au-II).
Processing of MACP of officials of Commercial Cadre under O/o AG (Au-II).
Periodical Review of Officials of O/o AG(Au-II) under FR 56(j) and Rule 48 of CCS (Pension) Rules.
Issuance of Vigilance/Disciplinary Clearance.
Processing of Complaints received.
Processing of cases for granting Cash Award to officers/officials on the occasion of Republic Day.

IT Support Cell All support and services related to Information Technology in this office
To implement various IT Plans & Policies of the C&AG Office including networking policies.
To provide specialist IT Support to various IT Applications running in the office.
To maintain Hardware Inventory of all IT Assets belonging to this office.
To procure new systems hardware or new components for existing systems as per requirements and in accordance of Hqrs. Guidelines.
Purchase & distribution of computer, cartridges, pen drive & CD/DVD.
Maintenance and upkeep of Hardware & Peripherals through Annual Maintenance Contract.
To develop in-house database/application as per requirements and if required and feasible and its maintenance.
To facilitate creation of official Email-ids of employees of this office.
Maintenance and upkeep of Official Website.
Domain Server Administration and data backup.
Arrangements and organizing Video conferences and other important conference
All support and services related to Big Data Analysis
General Procurement and supply of stationery items.
Making payment of suppliers’ bills, Telephone bills, Electricity bills, Petrol bills, Newspaper bills.
Maintaining the office registers and accounts etc.
Procurement and maintenance of Staff Car.
Purchase, Supply and repair of Furniture.
Dispatch of letters, receiving of letters from outside and handing over to respective Sections.
Operational continuity plan for Disaster Management.
Supevision of Outsourced MTS and their Monthly Rosters Preparation.
Purchase & issuance of stamp, name plate, notice board.
Disposal of waste papers, old furniture, old blank printer cartridges & unserviceable machines.
Purchase & maintenance of AC machine, photocopier machine, and water purifying machine etc.
Purchase & issue of books & magazines.
Reimbursement of newspaper & briefcase.
Seeing that office is kept neat and tidy.
Bills pay and allowances of employees of this office.
Regular maintenance of Service Book, Personal File and Leave Account.
Pay fixation in cases of promotion/reversion, MACP, NFU etc
 Allowing annual increment in the month of January or July.
Encashment of Leave for availing LTC, Terminal Surrender of Earned Leave and payment of benefits under CGEGIS.  
Preparation of Form 16, Deduction of Income Tax and uploading of TDS Returns
preparation of LPC, issue of salary certificates, enrolling newly recruited officials into NPS  etc.
Cash All payments due to the staff of this office is made by cash section.
GPF advances/ withdrawals/final payment, Children Education Allowances, Honorarium / Cash Award, Computer Advance, Motor Cycle Advance, Motor Car Advance etc.
Distribution of Annual GPF statement of employees of this office
Booking of expenditure in BEMS and requesting fund from Head Quarters through BEMS, Generating Bills in iBEMS and PFMS portals
Preparation and forwarding of monthly ROE to HQrs
Reconciliation of expenditure with PAO
Contingent Bills, TA & LTC claims of Group A Officers
preparation of schedules of LIC, PLI and effecting outside recoveries such as HDFC, Co-operative Societies, Section 37 recoveries, Court attachment etc.
Entitlement personal claims of employees of this office viz. Domestic Travel Expenses     including transfer travelling allowances, Leave Travel Concession, Reimbursement of medical claims
Issuance and cancellation of CGHS   Identity cards and    addition / deletion of name(s) of family members, change of dispensary etc., Enrolment of beneficiaries under CGHS as per revised jurisdiction.
Hindi Cell Implementation of the Provisions of Official Language policy of the Government of India, Official Languages Act, 1963 and Official Language Rules, 1976 made under the Act.
Implementation of the orders issued by the Department of Official Language, Ministry of Home Affairs from time to time.
Translation of documents from English to Hindi and vice versa and Replies to communications received in Hindi.
Matters relating to progressive use of Hindi in the Main Office and its Branch Office at Thrissur which includes review of Quarterly Progress Reports, Half yearly Reports, Annual Assessment Report and sending Quarterly report to the Department of official Language.
Matters related to various Hindi trainings and nomination of officers/employees for Hindi conferences/workshops organised by Government Organisations/Institutions.
Organizing Hindi Pakhwada and various competitions on the occasion of Hindi Day/Fortnight and distribution of awards.
APC Cell

Updating databank of audit units including Commercial audit units of Audit II. Maintaining a list of IT databases that exist in our auditable entities and those that exist at the State level. Risk Analysis of the audit units and preparation of Annual Audit Plan of Audit II.Maintaining a databank for topics which can be taken up for PA/CA with feedback from functional Groups. Keeping an updated database on Paper Clippings/ Media Reports and watching action taken on them. Maintaining Guard file for Government Orders, Endorsement/ sharing of Government orders to sections concerned and scheme consolidation. Keeping track of Government Schemes, fiscal packages etc. All cabinet notes, sanctions, guidelines etc. are to be obtained analyzed and linked. Tracking of submission, approval and placing of Audit Reports, in the legislature.

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