The objective of the State Audit Advisory Board (SAAB) is to enhance the effectiveness of audits including audit reports by providing a forum for professional discussion between the senior management of audit offices and knowledgeable and experienced professionals from varied fields.

The functions of the SAAB is to advise the Principal Accountant General (PAG) on the coverage, scope and prioritization of audits together with suggestions regarding appropriate audit approaches and techniques.

The SAAB consists of a maximum of 11 honorary external members nominated by the PAG. PAG (Audit-I) is the Chairperson of the Board, all Group Officers are the ex-officio members.

Tenure of the each external members would be two years and at least two meetings would be held every year, one is February/March at the time of finalizing the audit plans and another in October/November when the audit reports are in the processing stage.

After constitution of the SAAB in October 2018, three meetings have been held i.e. 6th December 2018, 16th January 2020 and 16th July 2021. Minutes of the meetings can be downloaded.


Composition of State Audit Advisory Board

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