Work allotted

AMG-3 (HQ)

Preparation of Annual Audit Plan and tour programme, Posting of Personnel, Maintenance of Cycle Index Register, Correspondence regarding new unit/ DDO power, preparation of various reports and other miscellaneous work of the controlling section.

AMG-3 (Report)

Editing Inspection Reports and issuing them to the departments, pursuance and settlement of outstanding paras of Inspection Reports. Checking the Compliance Audit guideline and ADM and scrutinizing the cases of serious financial irregularities and processing them into Draft Paras for the State Audit Report.


A consolidated database has been prepared by the Audit Planning and Data Analytical Cell taking into account the AMG-wise, Grant-wise, Scheme-wise and DDO-wise databases. The main functions of the section are to prepare the consolidated audit plan and send it to the head office after receiving the audit plan information from all the groups, prepare various returns after getting information from all the groups and send it to the headquarter. Data Analytic Cell was established on July 2016.  This Cell analyzed the data provided by different wings of the office and submit the report to superior authorities. 

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