Audit Management Group-V audits the following cluster:

General Administration Cluster 

                The following Departments under General Administration cluster are as below: 

  • General Administration
  • Collectorate including Land Revenue
  • Hospitality
  • Estate
  • Personnel
  • Gazette
  • Governor
  • Vidhan Sabha Secretariate
  • Print & Stationary
  • Information & PR
  • Institute of Public Administration,
  • Information Commission
  • Election
  • Disaster Management
  • Fire & Emergency

1. General Administration Department: 

General Administration Department is a large department of the State Government. Major functions include work related to policy matters, posting and services of administrative officers, rules/instructions concerning services of government servants and vigilance related work. It also includes the units pertaining to Hospitality, Personnel, Gazette, Governor, Institute of Public Administration, Information Commission and State Election Commission. (Click here)

2. Revenue Department:

The main objective of the department is implementation of various provisions of M.P.L.R.C. 1959 Act, i.e. ensure to govern a progressive land revenue system; to maintain correct and proper land records in respect of all kinds of land holdings; to implement land reforms to safeguard the interest of weaker and most downtrodden sections of the people, also ensure to render relief to the people affected by natural and other calamities like floods, cyclones, storms, draught, pest attacks, earthquake, war, fire, etc. Department has responsible for publication of MP Gazette, Supplies of stationery and printing work relating to State Government departments. It also includes the units pertaining to Collectorate (District Administration), Land Revenue and Printing & Stationary.  (Click here)

3. Public Relation Department:

The Department of Public Relations plays the role of bridge between the government and the public. The important responsibility of this department is to convey information about various development related programs, schemes etc. of the government to the public through various media.  (Click here)

4. Parliamentary Affairs: 

The Constitution of India has provided for the Council of Ministers to be jointly responsible to the Legislature. In fact, the parliamentary form of government was conceptualized by making such an arrangement. Legislature is a very busy body. In this, not only the bills of government and private members are introduced, but the members draw the attention of the house to the problems of the public in various ways and promote various activities of the government. It is necessary for the government to give proper answers to all these within the stipulated time period. The need for coordination between the Legislature and the Government was felt for the efficient performance of this massive and multiple parliamentary business. Accordingly, like the Center and other states, a Parliamentary Affairs Department was established independently in this state in the year 1986.   (Click here)

5.  Public Service Management: 

This department is responsible to guide in the direction of making institutional, policy and procedural reforms to ensure timely disposal of notified services under Madhya Pradesh Public Services Delivery Guarantee Act 2010.  (Click here)

6. Home Department: 

Units in respect of State Estate, Disaster Management and Fire & Emergency are under the Home Department which deals with allotment of Government House, Rescue Services in adverse condition of calamities i.e. disaster and fire.  (Click here)

7.  Law & Legislative: 

Chief Electoral Officer, (Directorate) of General Election under this department deals with electoral work (General Election) (Click here).



List of Auditable Unit:

1. List of Auditable units under General Administration Department

2. List of Auditable units under Revenue Department

3. List of Auditable units under Public Relation Department

4. List of Auditable units under Parliamentary Affairs

5. List of Auditable units under Public Service Management 

6. List of Auditable units under Home Department

7. List of Auditable units under Law & Legislative Department

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