Audit Management Group-IV audits the following Department:


Urban Local Bodies

In Madhya Pradesh, there are three categories of Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) viz. Municipal Corporation (16), Municipal Councils (99) and Nagar Parishads (298). These categories have been  based on the population of that area. The Municipal Corporations (Nagar Nigam) are governed by the Madhya Pradesh Municipal Corporations Act, 1956 and other Urban Local Bodies (Nagar Palika Parishads and Nagar Parishads) are governed by the Madhya Pradesh Municipalities Act, 1961.


Town and Country Planning

The Madhya Pradesh legislature enacted Madhya Pradesh Town and Country Planning Act in 1973 with a view to satisfy the needs of future generations and prevent the haphazard growth of the town. The main functions of the Town and Country Planning Department are preparation of Master Plan for towns, preparation of regional plan of the constituted regions, control and supervision over planning and development for integrated development of small and medium towns, planning of development of town Infrastructures, guidance in the implementation of urban infrastructure development plans, control over haphazard development in towns, guidance in preparation of project to Development Authority / Special Area Development Authority / Housing Board and other development institutions, guidance and cooperation to the state government and other institutions in the management of new cities and industrial development centres, land planning site selection etc.


Madhya Pradesh Housing and Infrastructure Development Board

Madhya Pradesh Housing and Infrastructure Development Board was formed under the MP Housing Board Act 1972. The objective of the Board is infrastructure development and construction of housing, colony and commercial complexes, school buildings along with providing better housing facilities for all sections of the society with state-of-the-art facilities keeping pace with the environment.


List of Auditable Units

  1. List of Units under Urban Local Bodies
  2. List of Town and Country Planning
  3. List of Madhya Pradesh Housing and Infrastructure Development Board
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