(Position up to 27-07-2020)

The procedure of followed is as under please :

  • Discussion on Reviews/Paras by PAC is on selective bases. After the Audit Report is laid on the table of Vidhan Sabha, a proposal for selection of reviews/paras for discussion by PAC is submitted by our office. The PAC holds a meeting for approval of selection proposed by us. Audit Report 2016-17 was laid on the table of  Vidhan Sabha on 10-01-2019. The proposal for selection of paras of Audit Report 2016-17 (General and Social Sector) relating to our office was sent to Vidhan Sabha on 01-03-2019. Selection of Paras for discussion of Audit Report 2016-17 has been approved by PAC in the meeting held on 27-03-2019.
  • As per prescribed procedure the departments are required to submit their replies (EN) in prescribed format within three months to Vidhan Sabha and a copy to our office.
  • On receipt of departmental reply (EN) a questionnaire on paras selected for discussion and comments on paras not selected for discussion is prepared by our office and sent to Vidhan Sabha for the help of Committee during discussion of selected paras and for framing recommendation on paras not selected for discussion.
  • Only after EN’s are received and our comments are sent to Vidhan Sabha Secretariat these are taken up for discussion in the meetings.
  • As on 27-07-2020 only 10 Reviews/Paras of Report (Civil) up to 2016-17 pertaining to our office are pending for discussion as under :
Year of Audit Report Reviews/Paras pending for discussion
2013-14 01 (para)
2015-16 07 (02 Reviews, 05 Paras)
2016-17 02 (01 Review and 01 Para)
Total 10 (03 Rewiew, 07 Paras)
  • After PAC frames its recommendations; these are sent to our office for vetting and suggestions if any made by our office on recommendation are generally adopted by the committee.
  • On 112 (67 Para of Audit Report G&SSA and 45 Para of stand alone report of year 2015-16)  Reviews/Paras on which either comments have been sent from our office or on which discussions was completed by PAC but their recommendation are awaited.
  • PAC recommendation on 18 Reviews/Paras have been vetted and sent to Vidhan Sabha by this office but printed report of committee after these have been laid on the table of Vidhan Sabha are awaited.
  • Departments are also required to submit ATN’s on PAC’s recommendation to PAC within six months with copy to our office. PAC’s Action Taken Reports are awaited on 30 Recommendation Report of PAC on 58 Para of Audit Report. This includes 12 Paras of ATN on which our office has vetted the ATN but final report of PAC is awaited.
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