Sections Work Alloted
AMG-V (Headquarters) t is the controlling Section of AMG-V (Audit) group which deals with preparation of Tour Programmes, Maintenance of Cycle Index Register, Posting of personnel in field parties, Consolidation and sending of various returns/correspondence and other miscellaneous works.
AMG-V (Report) Deals with vetting and issue of IRs, Departmental Appreciation Notes and pursuance and settlement of outstanding paras of Inspection Reports. Also deals with processing of draft audit paras.
Manual Cell+Central Co-ordination+Grant Audit Manual Cell: Deals with updation/revision of all Manuals prepared by this office.
Central Coordination: Deals with various progress report regarding use of VLC Data, information regarding Legal cases filed by MP State Officers/employees in Court, progress report regarding Audited units/vouchers, registration of objection and audit findings. Apart from the above, Activity Report and Administrative Report is to be sent to headquarters’ office.
Grant Audit: Deals with grant auditing work.
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