Work Alloted

AMG-V (Headquarters)

It is the controlling Section of AMG-V (Audit) group which deals with preparation of Tour Programmes, Maintenance of Cycle Index Register, Posting of personnel in field parties, Consolidation and sending of various returns/correspondence and other miscellaneous works.

AMG-V (Report)

Deals with vetting and issue of IRs, Departmental Appreciation Notes and pursuance and settlement of outstanding paras of Inspection Reports. Also deals with processing of draft audit paras and KD verification work related to PA and FABA

Manual Cell + Central Co-ordination + Grant Audit

Manual Cell: Deals with updation/revision of all Manuals prepared by this office.

Central Coordination: Deals with various progress report regarding use of VLC Data, information regarding Legal cases filed by MP State Officers/employees in Court, progress report regarding Audited units/vouchers, registration of objection and audit findings. Apart from the above, Activity Report and Administrative Report is to be sent to headquarters’ office.

Grant Audit: Deals with grant auditing work and also data analysis work of various schemes .

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