Headquarter section –Controlling section which would deal with

  • Preparation of Annual Audit Plan, Tour Programme,
  • Maintenance of Cycle Index Register,
  • Posting of officials in field parties,
  • MAR, QAR and other reports/returns,
  • Establishment and miscellaneous works of controlling section.

Report section – Would deal with

Report section-I

  • (i) Vetting of inspection reports and issuance of reports to auditee units related to cluster (i) and (ii),
  • Settlement of old pending paras thereof,
  • Preparation of various reports pertaining to IRs/paras.
  • Issuance of Management letter on important audit observations to the respective department,

Report section -II

  • Scrutiny of important paras to process for their possible inclusion in the Audit Report (the work includes preparation of Factual Statement and Draft Para),
  • Work related to Compliance audit (including Focus Area Based Audit (FABA)) and Performance audit.
  • Preparation of various reports pertaining to FABA, FSs and DPs and other relevant work related to report section,
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