Welfare Section is engaged with various welfare activities of individual staff members along with infrastructural development of the office.  The functions of the section can be broadly divided into the following categories;

Medical Assistance

In case of any staff member falling ill either in office or residence, the Welfare Officer, Welfare Assistant and other members of the Section immediately respond to the occasion either directly involving in hospitalization process or keeping a track of the development based on needs. The Section takes all initiatives for release medical advance to the suffering employee, in case of off city hospitalization.

Sports Activities

The Section has a key role in organizing the different sports activities either in-house or inter audit.  It also handles nomination of sports quota employees to different inter audit events or state/national events.

Management of Departmental Canteen

The Section monitors the activity of the departmental canteen to ensure best service to the staff members by providing qualitative and quantitative food at economic rate.

Cultural Activities

The Section discharges pivotal role in organizing cultural activities like dance, music, drama etc involving the staff and family members.

Minor Works in Office and residential colony

The Section co-ordinates with the CPWD for proper maintenance of the office building and the residential quarters along with other amenities in the colony.

Compassionate Appointment

Welfare section deals with the appointment of the dependant family members of the deceased employee to support their financial position.