Whether login ID and password used for downloading GPF statement can be used for downloading the Pension Authorities?
Yes, same login ID and password used for downloading GPF statement may be used for downloading the Pension Authorities. New users may register himself/herself in the web-site by clicking the button "New Registration" under the tab "Get Your GPF Statement".
What time will Accountant General take for authorization of fresh Pension Order, Family Pension and Revision of Pension?
Normally the pension applications are to reach the Accountant General four months prior to the date of retirement of the Government servant and AG office shall authorize the pension before one month of retirement. However, AG office makes every effort to disposes of the fresh Pension /Family Pension cases within one month after receipt of the pension application, in case they are complete in all respect. In cases of revision of pension, effort is made to dispose of those cases within 90 days from the date of receipt of Revision Pension application.
Is it necessary that the both halves of earlier PPO Order have to be returned to Accountant General for authorization of Family Pension to divorced/widowed/unmarried daughters?.
Yes, the PPO Book earlier issued has to be returned back by the Treasury Officer by recording the Last Payment Certificate for cancellation in the office of the Accountant General before authorization of Family Pension to the eligible members.
What is the criteria to become eligible for drawing such Family Pension?
The eligibility criteria is that the dependants should not have monthly income not exceeding Rs.4040/- from any source and their application has to be forwarded to the Accountant General through Pension Sanctioning Authority.
Is divorced/widowed/unmarried daughter eligible for pension after crossing 25 years of age?
As per the recent Circular of Government of Odisha dated 23.07.2011 and further clarification of March 2013 the above categories of dependants are eligible for Family Pension till their remarriage.
How can a family member of a deceased Government servant/pensioner will get the Family Pension?
In any case, the Family Pension papers are to be forwarded by the Pension Sanctioning Authority. In case of death after drawing some months pension the Family Pension can be drawn by the wife of the retired pensioner as the name of the spouse is mentioned in the PPO Register. In case of death after retirement but before drawing any pension for the intermediate period the pension will be sanctioned in favour of all the eligible family members.
Is any number is allotted to the pensioner as in the case of GPF?
A Pension Payment Order is allotted to the pensioners at the time of authorising the pension. The number mentioned therein will be used for all future correspondences.
What about the Gratuity and Commuted value of pension authorization?
The Gratuity is authorised along with the pension if the Pension Sanctioning authority certifies that no Government dues are outstanding against the retiring Government official as well as no long terms advances such as HBA and MCA appear against the name of the retiring Government servant in the books of records of Accountant General. If any long term advance is outstanding then the account will be reconciled and Gratuity authority is issued thereafter. So the retiring official if he is interested to get his gratuity released early, should be alert to see his account is clear before getting the Gratuity. The release of Commutation depends upon the submission of application.
How much time it takes to get the pension authorised?
If the service particulars are correctly and properly stated in the pension papers and the service book is up-to-date, the authorization of pension will be done within one month of receipt of the sanction from the Pension Sanctioning Authority.
How a pensioner will get his copy of authority if he leaves the place mentioned in the application before receiving the copy of the authority or during the postal transit of the authority?
The Pensioner can address a letter to the Accountant General giving his change of address for sending the authority.
Whether SMS facility is available for information regarding the status of pension application?
Yes, the pensioner gets a series of SMSs about receipt/authorization /return of his pension case. For this purpose, the pensioner is required to mention his current mobile number in the pension application.
How does a pensioner receive his authority of pension and others?
The Pension, Gratuity and Commuted value of pension authorization intimation will be sent to the pensioner by post to the address mentioned by him in the pension application. He also gets a SMS about the processing of his pension application at every stage starting from forwarding the pension papers by PSA to authorization of pension by Accountant General Office.
How to apply online for Pensionary benefits?
I. (I)For Regular Pension:-
As per the Notification of Finance Department, Odisha vide No. 4525/F dated 08.02.2019 itis mandatory w.e.f. 01.08.2018 to apply for fresh pension benefits online through iFMS, Odisha as per the procedure mentioned in FD-OM No. 32888/F dated 13.11.2017 and 34081 dated 22.11.2017. The beneficiaries can submit Online Pension Application using the Pensioners Portal (https://www.odishatreasury.gov.in/Pensionportal). For detailed procedure he/she may follow the guidelines provided under 'Role of Applicant' in FD-OM No. 32888/F dated 13.11.2017.
(II)For Revision of Pension:-
(a) Revision of pension for Pre-2016 retirees-
For the revision of Pension/Family pension, the Pensioner/Family Pensioner can apply online at the portal named 'ARPANA' which is available in the internet with domain name https://pension.odishatreasury.gov.in/. It can also be accessed through a link provided in the home page of iFMS, Odisha.
Pensioner/Family Pensioner can submit application offline for revision of their basic pension/family pension by submitting Annexure-C along with a copy of front page of the PPO/FPPO in the office of the Pension Disbursing Authority (PDA). The applicant can track the status of his/her application online through ARPANA portal and he/she can also view the electronic authority, if the same has already been issued.
(b) Revision of pension for Post-2016 retirees-
The procedure for applying for revision of pension/family pension is as per the existing rule i.e. he/she shall have to apply through Pension Sanctioning Authority (PSA).
(c) Revision of pension for State Government pensioners drawing pension in other States under Special Seal Authority (SSA)-
1. The Annexure-C as prescribed in FD OM No.28300/F., date: 23.09.2017 shall be duly filled up by the Pensioner/Family Pensioner and to be submitted to the Pension Disbursing Authorities i.e. Banks/ Treasuries as the case may be, along with a photo copy of the first page of the PPO Book.
2. If the pension/family pension is being drawn from the Public Sector Bank, then bank shall fill up the Annexure-D and submit both Annexure-C & D to the concerned Treasury from whom the SSA had been received for onward transmission to O/o the A.G. (A&E) of the State.
3. If the pension/family pension is being drawn from the Treasury, then Treasury shall fill up the Annexure-D and submit both Annexure-C & D to the O/o the P.A.G.(A&E) of the State.
4. On receipt of the Annexure-C & D from Treasury offices, concerned State Accountant General Office shall forward both the Annexures- C & D to the O/o the A.G. (A&E) Odisha for revision and authorization of revised pension/family pension through Special Seal Authority.
How pension payments are authorised to the retired Government servants?
The pension is sanctioned by the designated officer of a department after receipt of application by the retiring Government servant well in advance and checking of entitlements. Such sanction along with a copy of the pension application submitted by the retiring Government servant is communicated to the Accountant General (A&E) for further checking of entitlements as per the Orissa Civil service (Pension) Rules 1992 read with Orissa Civil service (Pension) Rules 1992(second edition, as updated up to 31.12.2015) and authorizes the Pension, Gratuity and Commuted value of the pension to the Treasury Officer where the retired Government servant had desired to take payment. The Pension Sanctioning authority is also intimated of the fact of authorization of pension.
To whom shall I place my grievances for redressal in respect of pension in AG’s office?
A grievance redressal cell is functioning in the ground floor of the office where the retired Government servant can submit his/her grievances relating to the pending pension matters or GPF matters in the office of the Accountant General or he/she can submit his/her grievance on-line . Besides, grievance can also be filed by e-mail to dagpenae.od@nic.in and bopm.od@nic.in.
Shall a pensioner have to come to AG’s office for drawing his first pension ?
No, The pensioner should approach the Concerned Treasury Officer mentioned in the pension intimation letter for drawing first pension.