Shall a subscriber have to come to AG’s office for drawing his final withdrawal?
No, The subscriber should approach the Concerned DDO mentioned in the intimation letter for drawing final withdrawal.
What is the arrangement to know about authorization of GPF?
Intimation to the retired Government employee about the authorization of retirement benefits is sent directly to him. The disposal is also hosted in the website, which can be viewed by the retired Government officials/officers.
What will happen if my GPF authority is lost at any stage or at any level after despatch from O/o the Principal Accountant General (A&E), Odisha?
You may take up the matter with your Drawing and Disbursing Officer.
In what way the subscriber is responsible for any excess/short in the accounts maintained by the Principal Accountant General?
In the accounting creeping of errors cannot be ruled out. The subscriber has the duty under Rule 36(2) of Orissa General Provident Fund Rules to point out any excess/short credit found by him in the account slip within three months of receipt of the same. This will help to avoid discontentment at the time of Final Payment stage.
Is the balance shown in the GPF account slip and that of final payment authority same?
No, the balance shown in the GPF account slip is subject to adjustment of missing credits/debits and excess / less allowed in the accounts.
Up to which date the interest is allowed in final payment cases?
If the subscriber applies for final payment within the prescribed time limit, the interest is allowed till the month preceding the date of signing the authority by the Accounts officer of the Principal Accountant General(A&E) office, if it is signed before 15th of the month and if it is later, the interest is allowed till the last of the month.
Will Principal Accountant General sanction my Part-Final Withdrawal or Non Refundable Advance from the General Provident Fund Account?
No, except accounting and authorisation of final payment after retirement, other cases are dealt by the Drawing and Disbursing Officer.
What is to be done if I notice some missing credits in my GPF account?
You may represent your case through the Drawing & Disbursing Officer giving full information about the missing credit such as month of credit, name of the Treasury, TV number, and duplicate copy of the bill along with schedule to enable this office to locate and adjust your missing credit.
How is the calculation of interest carried out?
Interest is calculated from the succeeding month of recovery and is added to theGPF account at the end of Financial Year.
What is the rate of interest on GPF subscriptions?
The interest rate announced by the Government of India for calculation on GPF interest each year is adopted by the State Government. The present rate of interest is 7.1% from 04/2020 to 06/2020
How can I change my Mobile number, which is already registered for getting GPF e-statement?
You can change your mobile number in Profile section, after login in this office website. However, if both the password is forgotten and mobile number is to be changed, the subscriber has to approach the office of the Pr. Accountant General(A&E), Odisha through their DDO.
What is to be done if my on-line GPF account is blocked or I forget my password?
You may avail the forget password facility, which is available in this office website to get a new password in your registered mobile. If the account is blocked Principal Accountant General (A&E), Odisha may be approached through their DDO for unlocking the same.
What can I do if my date of birth is not available/wrong name in the GPF database of O/o the Principal Accountant General (A&E), Odisha?
In case of subscribers whose date of birth is not available and/or name is incorrect in the GPF database of AG Office, they will have to forward necessary documentary evidence like copy of 1st page of Service Book in support of the date of birth/name to Office of the Principal Accountant General (A&E) Odisha through their DDO.
How can I know the balance standing in my GPF account?
This office has launched GPF e-statement and push SMS service for all the subscribers of state Government of Odisha, starting with the annual statement for 1998-99, which can be accessed through this office website. The statements can be viewed/downloaded/printed after New Registration only. On New Registration, the subscriber has to mandatorily register his mobile number and provide GPF A/C No. in the format like (PWO67476) and date of birth in the format (dd/mm/yyyy) (e.g.02/06/1982). The system will provide mobile verification code in the registered mobile entered by the subscriber. Then the system will send One Time Password (OTP) to the registered mobile. After successful registration the subscriber has to enter his full GPF A/C No. as User ID and OTP as password, so that he can change his password to access the Annual Statement. Apart from this the subscribers can get their monthly updates via SMS as soon as their subscription or withdrawal is posted by this office. In case of any difficulty in online registration, the subscriber can get assistance from his DDO.