PF  Group maintains GPF accounts and authorizes final payment in respect of State Government employees of Govt. of Odisha those are covered under GPF Rules.

  • Downloading of GPF e-data from IFMS website and importing them to GPF server enabling the users to check them with physical/e-schedules received from VLC.
  • Receipt of Fund e-Schedules of Credit Voucher and physical Debit Vouchers from VLC.
  • Sharing of e-schedules within Fund Group for verification
  • Posting of monthly credits and debits and noting of Sanction orders regarding Temporary Advance/NRA/PFW
  • Display of GPF Status and Annual GPF Account statement in the office website enabling the subscribers/ DDOs to download them.
  • Adjustment of Missing Credit if any
  • Push SMS to subscribers regarding each Credit/Debit in the GPF A/c at the closing of each month.
  • Push SMS to subscribers well before retirement to submit Final Payment application through their DDOs.
  • Authorization of Final Payment benefits
  • Providing information in the website regarding status of final payment application
  • Push SMS to subscribers regarding authorization of Final Payment and uploading of Intimation thereof in office website enabling the subscriber to download using it’s GPF A/c No. and Password.
  • Uploading of GPF Authority in the IFMS website enabling the concerned DDO and Treasury Officer to download and make necessary payment.


Eligibility to join the fund is decided as per the orders of the state Government issued from time to time. All temporary Government servants after a continuous service of one year, and all permanent Government servants are eligible to open GPF Account for subscribing to the Fund. Form “Schedule-LIII-Form No.201-A is submitted for opening new GPF Account.

Government of Odisha have introduced the New Restructured Defined Contributory Pension Scheme for the new recruits to the State Government Services in pensionable establishments w.e.f. 01.01.2005 as notified in Finance Department Notification No.44451/F dated.17.09.2005. According to the provisions of this scheme, all persons appointed under the Government of Odisha with effect from 1st day of January 2005 shall not be eligible for pension and deposits towards GPF would not be available for them. Accordingly opening of new GPF Account has been dispensed with. New GPF Account numbers are opened only in cases of persons who are appointed under job-contract and work charged establishment prior to 01.01.2005 and brought over to regular establishment on or after 01.01.2005 with due concurrence of Finance Department,Government of Odisha.

GPF subscription

GPF Subscription are being credited to the subscribers account every month and the same is available in the website of this office and the same are also sent to the registered subscriber along with the up to date balance through SMS

New Allotment Cases

All eligible Govt. servants covered under GPF has to submit application in Form “Schedule-LIII-Form No.201-A through the DDO and with the concurrence of the Finance Department, Govt. of Odisha for allotment of new GPF Account No.


The copies of advances and withdrawals sanctioned by the competent authority are being received manually in this office and noted against the concerned subscriber. After receipt of the debit against the sanction the same are also debited against the subscriber which are available to the subscriber through the e-statement. SMS are also sent to the subscriber every month indicating the Cr/Dr and current balance of the fund.

Final Closure

After receipt of final payment application from the competent authority the same is processed in the system, approved, authenticated and e-authority with digital signature issued to the DDO/Treasury for preparation of bill.

Annual statement of account

After completion of account for the year, interest is calculated and the final figure with interestforthe year is uploaded in the website of this office which can be accessed by the subscriber and DDOs using their User ID and password. SMS are also sent to the registered subscriber regarding their up to date balance in the fund.

Status of GPF Final Payment Settlement

The status of GPF final payment cases can be ascertained from the website of this office through the tracking facility available in the website of this office. SMS are being sent to the subscriber at every stage, i.e. at the time of receipt/return/processing and authorization of the Final Payment application. The subscriber can download the intimation letter of authorization from the website of this office.

Status of GPF NRA Settlement

The NRA is sanctioned by the competent authority of the concerned Department. The copy of same received by this office is noted against the A/c and subsequent drawal thereof is watched.

Forwarding of Application.

Application for final payment is being received in this office from the concerned DDOs/competent authority in the prescribed form.

GPF Final Payment Authority

GPF FP authorities are being uploaded to IFMS website after finalization of the case which can be downloaded by the DDOs/TOs and the intimation thereof can be downloaded by the subscriber from the website of this office.

Ledger Card

After the completion of the annual account the Ledger card is being generated from the system and kept separately for future use. The manual ledger card of pre-computerised period i.e. prior to 1998-99 are preserved in Fund Library.

Adjustment of Missing Credit

The Annual GPF statement of the subscriber is shown in the office website indicating monthly credit and debit. On receipt of information from the subscriber/DDO regarding missing credit, the same is being adjusted ion priority basis.

Provident Fund Balance

The balance standing at the credit of a subscriber is available in the website of this office and the subscriber can view/download the same using his userID and password.

GPF Calculation

The final balance of GPF is calculated through the system with the provision of adjustment if any and authenticated by the competent authority before uploading the same to IFMS website.

Information for Subscriber/DDO

Provision has been made in office website to enable GPF subscribers to View/Download

  • Register their Mobile Number.
  • Missing Credit if any in the A/cs.
  • Download GPF Annual Accounts Statement.
  • Lodge Grievances through website.
  • List of GPF subscribers retiring during next six months.
  • Check list for submission of Final Payment application.
  • View the Status of Final Payment and download intimation letters issued to the GPF subscribers regarding Final Payment authorization.